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First Fidelity Bank Integrated Business Core (IBC) Program

Step outside the classroom... Learn from experience... Start a company!

Students in the First Fidelity Bank IBC program receive hands-on, real-world, experiential training through simulated business opportunities inside and outside of the classroom. Starting with the formation of a company, students brainstorm product ideas, perform market analysis, manage employees and discover legal implications of business transactions associated with a plethora of day-to-day business dealings. IBC develops the skill sets necessary to launch a successful business by exposing students to all aspects of business; including accounting, financial analysis, market analysis and adverting, supply chain, website development and design, employee/employer relationships, and the business regulatory environment.  Students are immersed into the business arena where they work side-by-side with professors, industry professionals, and community partners such as First Fidelity Bank. First Fidelity is an integral component of the program by considering loan proposals by the student companies.  Banking executives from First Fidelity offer practical feedback and an invaluable experiences to the companies as the teams work to assess risks associated with their start-ups.

Companies formed through IBC have donated their profits of over $1.690 million to local charities since the program’s inception in 1995. Students have also donated over 112,000 hours of community service to local non-profits, schools, and community shelters. The faculty dedicated to this program are working to provide a practical application to the education of OU/Price College business students.

Participation in this program satisfies the requirements for 4 areas of study:

MGT 3013 Principles of Management
MKT 3013 Principles of Marketing
LS 3323 Legal Environment of Business
B AD 3013 First Fidelity Integrated Business Core Practicum


"The First Fidelity Integrated Business Core (IBC) is dedicated to excellence in teaching real-world business experience, a mastery of business concepts and commitment to student development while instilling individual and organizational values through service to our community."