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Posters & Brochures

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Posters and Brochures

OUPD can provide any interested individuals or group (on the OU Norman Campus) with posters and brochures on a variety of topics free of charge.

We can also provide alternate resources for materials on a variety of subjects. Materials are subject to individual supply and quantities are usually limited to actual need. We currently have supplies of posters and/or pamphlets on:

  • fictitious identification cards
  • Operation ID
  • malicious phone calls
  • sexual assault awareness materials
  • poisoning concerns
  • vehicle safety
  • child carrier seats
  • and other topics.

This website has an online version of many of our brochures, such as Trust Your Instincts, our informative sexual assault awareness booklet.

Click HERE for a links to downloadable copies of the listed items.

You may also visit the brochure cabinet in our headquarters lobby at 2775 Monitor (click here for driving directions and a map) for a selection of many of our current brochures, or for further information, contact our Crime Prevention and Community Relations at (405)-325-2864 or by e-mail at

Due to bugetary restrictions, we cannot provide posters or brochures to individuals and groups outside the local OU campus community.