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OSCER Resources

The OSCER team strives to provide high quality and high availability services for education and research. We are proud to offer services at either no cost or minimal cost, and stand by our services with unparalleled support provided through our outstanding operations staff.

High Performance Computing (Supercomputer)

With over 10,000 CPU cores, 23TB of RAM and 450TB of usable hard disk space, OU's newest supercomputer - Schooner has the capacity to run your most challenging jobs. Click here to learn more about Schooner.

OU Research Disk (OURdisk)

OU Research Disk (OURdisk) is a large scale, high performance, Ceph disk resource available in multiples of ~9.3 TB of usable capacity. Click here to learn more about OURdisk.

Large Scale Research Data Archiving (OURRstore)

OSCER maintains an extensible petascale storage instrument – the OU & Regional Research Store tape archive– that combines capacity for multiple Petabytes (millions of GB) of each of disk and redundant tape backup, to enable faculty, staff, postdocs, graduate students and undergraduates at institutions across Oklahoma to build large and growing data collections. Click here to learn more about the OURRstore.

Virtual Server Hosting (OURcloud)

The OU Research Cloud ("OURcloud") allows research teams to create new virtual servers without having to acquire, deploy and manage physical resources themselves, not only simplifying the process of expanding computing resources but also professionalizing resource management. Click here to learn more about OURcloud.