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Groundwater Level Data

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Groundwater Level Data

OWRB Studies

These water levels are continuously collected by the OWRB as part of their groundwater studies program (at least hourly) from wells in various aquifers throughout the state for various periods.


These data are available from the map viewer and are collected by the OWRB as part of their Groundwater Monitoring and Assessment Program. Well sites are shown across the state. Click a site and a pop-up window opens where you can select ‘more info’ for the water level data that downloads a table of water-level data by date for that site. If you want to batch download multiple sites, select the ‘layer list’ tab in the top left corner, then select the three dots ‘…’ to the right of the dataset named GMAP Water Level Wells and specify ‘View in Attribute Table’. This will open a table of sites that are visible on the map viewer. You must click each url for each site under the ‘Water Level Data’ column to access the water level data by date for each site. 


The USGS provides current (~40 sites) and historical (~70 sites) water-level data for well/test hole sites in Oklahoma. Manual measurements of water levels are also provided for ~20,500 sites.


The Oklahoma Climatological Survey records hourly groundwater level data at nine of its Mesonet stations across the state. Recorders are maintained by OWRB.