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Phone: (405) 325-2531

Address: 201 Stephenson Pkwy, Five Partners Place, Suite 1101, Norman, Oklahoma 73019




Jason Vogel, Ph. D., P.E
Director & Professor
(405) 325-2826

For more than 25 years, Dr. Jason Vogel, PE has worked to facilitate and develop solutions for water issues throughout the Great Plains of the United States and beyond. He has served as Director of the Oklahoma Water Survey at the University of Oklahoma (OU) since June 2017. In addition to his responsibilities as Director, Vogel is a Professor in the OU School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science. Prior to joining OU, he held faculty and research positions at Oklahoma State University in the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering and at the U.S. Geological Survey, respectively. 

Since the the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vogel has led a team that has developed into the preeminent source for wastewater-based epidemiology in Oklahoma. In addition to his work on sewage surveillance, he has also developed an award-winning stormwater and stream management research and outreach program and is recognized as one of the leading experts in low-impact development stormwater management systems in the region. 

Vogel has served the water sector at the national, state and local levels for a variety of groups, including the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, the American Ecological Engineering Society, and the Oklahoma Clean Lakes and Watersheds Association.


Grant Graves, Ph. D.

Assistant Director

Grant Graves is the Assistant Director and Research and Monitoring Coordinator for the Oklahoma Water Survey (OWS). He works with the University of Oklahoma faculty and staff and the Oklahoma water community to develop hydrologic research and monitoring efforts that will provide innovative and sustainable solutions to Oklahoma’s water resources. He is also the laboratory manager for the OWS.

Prior to joining OU in 2017, Grant was a hydrologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry (ODAFF) and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). Throughout his tenures with the agencies over a period of four years, he was involved with many important hydrologic projects at the national, regional, state and local levels such as the Canadian River alluvial groundwater model, Oklahoma Panhandle regional streamflow statistics, and Oklahoma agricultural water quality. In his most recent position with the USFWS, he was the water resources inventory & monitoring coordinator for the Southeast Region’s National Wildlife Refuges where he helped lead local and regional projects to protect and enhance water resources for habitat and wildlife.

Grant received his B.S. and M.S. in Environmental Sciences from Oklahoma State University (OSU) in Stillwater, OK. His published research as a graduate student at OSU focused on contaminant transport and best management practice approaches for improving surface water quality. His overall research interests include hydrological and ecological processes in water quality and availability, environmental protection and restoration, GIS applications, and research development. Grant is currently pursuing his doctorate in Environmental Science at OU. He is an avid fisherman and enjoys spending time on Oklahoma’s rivers and reservoirs.

Keith Strevett Ph. D.


Caitlin Hodges.

Caitlin Hodges, Ph. D. 

Assistant Professor of Critical Zone Geoscience

Dr. Caitlin Hodges is a critical zone geoscientist who joined the faculty of the University of Oklahoma's School of Geosciences in Fall 2021. Her research focuses on the interface between soil science and biogeochemistry, and she pursues fundamental research in soil carbon cycle- mineral weathering feedbacks and redox cycling in soils. She uses this fundamental research on soils to understand the role soils play in modulating the global carbon cycle and terrestrial inputs (pollutant fertilizers, heavy metals, etc.) to surface waters.

Area of research: novel methods for in situ measurement of redox cycling in soils, persistence of soil inorganic carbon, iron minerals in the environment, vadose zone biogeochemistry, impacts of mineral weathering and other abiotic processes on soil carbon fluxes, soil biogeochemistry in the Anthropocene

Educational Background

      Ph.D., 2021 Soil Science and Biogeochemistry – Pennsylvania State University

      M.S., 2017 Ecology – University of Georgia

      B.S.E.S. 2014 Water and Soil Resources – University of Georgia

 Projects worked at OWS: Stormwater management using bioretention cells, compost filter sock erosion control

My hobbies include cycling (road and gravel), taking care of my pets (2 dogs, a cat, and 2 guinea pigs), live music, and camping 


Caitlin C. Miller M.S.



          Richard M. Zamor, Ph. D

         Research Scientist

Dr. Richard Zamor is an aquatic ecologist that has spent over 20 years investigating the applied problems (e.g, harmful algal blooms, invasive species, etc…) within aquatic ecosystems. Prior to joining the Oklahoma Water Survey, Rich was an assistant professor at Northeastern State University where he was part of the initiative to start an Aquatic Sciences degree program. Prior to that, he served as a watershed ecologist and research director for four years for the Grand River Dam Authority. In his current role, Rich works with the faculty and staff at the University of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Water Survey, and the Oklahoma water community to develop and implement effective aquatic research and monitoring efforts to protect and preserve Oklahoma’s water resources.

Area(s) of research: Aquatic Ecology, Community Ecology, Invasive Species, Harmful Algal Blooms

Educational Background:

  • Ph. D., 2013 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology – University of Oklahoma
  • M.S., 2005 Forest Resources (Fish Ecology) – University of Georgia
  • B.S. Cum laude, 2002 Zoology – University of Oklahoma

Projects worked at OWS: OSDH Statewide (Wastewater-based Epidemiology), PIPP, EPSCoR Bioretention cells, DEQ/USGS Bacteria

Rich is an avid Oklahoma Sooners fan and a craft beer jedi.

Rishabh Shukla, Ph.D.

Biological Wastewater Treatment, Indian Institute Of Technology Delhi, New Delhi, India

Projects worked at OWS: Surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 and gastrointestinal pathogens in wastewater.

Kristen K Shelton 

Research Associate

(405) 325-4216

Gilson J. Sanchez

Postdoctoral Research Associate

(405) 325-4216

Dr. Sanchez research goal is to understand how chromatin architecture is maintained in human cells and what contributes to its breakdown during aging and in diseases. Specifically, I aim to characterize how non-coding RNAs and transcription factors contribute to the upkeep of the epigenetic landscape to modulate gene expression.


University of California, Riverside - Bachelor's Degree, Biological Sciences

University of Colorado Boulder - Doctor of Philosophy, (Ph. D.), Chemistry and Biochemistry

University of Michigan - Postdoctoral Research, Human/Medical Genetics

University of Colorado Boulder - Postdoctoral Research, BioFrontiers Institute - Bioinformatics

Kyle Bohanan (They/Them)

Lab Technician

Microbiology B.S.

PIPP Project, omiRBD Project

Past time activities are reading fantasy books, currently making my way through the wheel of time by Robert Jordan and exercising! 

John Kiet Ngo

Lab Technician

OU Bachelor of Microbiology 2023

Projects worked at OWS : lab technician

On my free time I enjoy biking

Graduate Students

Nathaniel S. Wright

Graduate Research Assistant

University of Oklahoma, B.S. Enviromental Science 2023

University of Oklahoma, M.S Enviromental Science 2024

Yaseen Alwazzan

Graduate Research Assistant

University of Oklahoma, Gallogly College of Enginnering, B.S. Enviromental Engineering 2023

University of Oklahoma, Gallogly College of Enginnering, M.S. Environmental Engineering 2024

Projects Worked on: Bacteria, CFS, SARS-COV-2

Madelynn G. Henderson 

B.S. Microbiology University of Oklahoma

(405) 325-4216


Sebastian Echave Sierra

Graduate Research Assistant

Undergraduate students

Braiden Parks

Laboratory Technician

(405) 325-6741

Environmental Science, OU to graduate in Sring 2024

Projects: ODOT CFS , OSDH Statewide,OU OKC and Tulsa Wastewater, EPSCoR Bioretention Cells, DEQ/USGS Bacteria, PIPP

I mostly like doing dog sports with my boy Niko, photography and running. 

Amanda P. Nsubuga

Microbiology major, May 2024

(405) 868 - 9240

Wastewater-based epidemiology project

I am deeply passionate about drug discovery and HIV prevention, and this passion is profoundly personal to her. Outside of research, I enjoy traveling and listening to music

Kassidy J. Long

Undergraduate Research Assistant


John G. Jandebeur

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Major: Studying Chemical Biosciences & Environmental Studies (Projected Spring 2025)

Projects at OWS: Help with stream monitoring and wastewater transportation efforts 

Hector Ceballos

Undergraduate Academic Assistant

Major & expected graduation: Civil Engineering, May 2026

Projects Worked at OWS: Water Surveying

 During my free time, I enjoy playing guitar, piano, and performing songs at social events.

Bralen B. Bourland

Mayor: Biology & Environmental Science double major at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

 Projects: work with flow data, wastewater statewide, bacteria, and GRDA Bioretention

Hobbies: I enjoy to crochet and read books in my free time, as well as spend time with my friends and dog

Jake McDoulett

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Major: Environmental Engineering (2025)

Projects: In Stream Structures, Floating Wetlands, OU Campus/OKC/Tulsa/Statewide Wastewater, Compost Filter Sock/Silt Dike/Silt Fence, Bacteria, GRDA Bioretention Cells/EPSCOR, USGS Bacteria/PIPP 

Hobbies: Camping is my favorite thing to do

Cheyenne Kyle

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Mayor: Environmental Science, May 2024

Projects: sampling

Hobbies: I really love watching the sunset every day, if possible, and also mountain biking.

Dayana Macias Yoguez

Undergraduate Research Assistant

AAS Aplied Science Tulsa Community College

Field of study B.S. Chemical Engineering University of Oklahoma 2026

Projects worked at OWS: Surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 and gastrointestinal pathogens in wastewater, EPSCoR Bioretention Cells, ODOT CFS, OU Campus/OKC/Tulsa/Statewide Wastewater, PIPP, Dashboards, H2O website editor.

Enjoys running