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Oklahoma Water Survey

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The Oklahoma Water Survey provides educational resources in the forms of workshops that are held throughout the year and data aggregation. Click on the buttons below to explore.

About the Oklahoma Water Survey

The Oklahoma Water Survey serves as the focal point and catalyst for the University of Oklahoma’s wide and deep expertise in research, outreach, and education in water topics. With core focus in the areas of monitoring, outreach, research, and education, the goal of the Oklahoma Water Survey is to study the state’s water resources and to collect, analyze, interpret and disseminate research-based information about the water issues facing our state to industry professionals, governments, students, researchers, businesses, organizations, teachers, citizens, and other interested stakeholders. 

Why OKH2O?

The University of Oklahoma is committed to providing leadership to help solve the challenges facing our state's water resources. The Oklahoma Water Survey was created to assist the people of Oklahoma through dissemination of research-based information. OKH2O was born of these ideals, but is more than just a brand and the Oklahoma Water Survey is more than just a typical university water institute. OKH2O represents a desire and passion to do something every day to protect and enhance Oklahoma Water (OKH20), our state's most precious resource and all that it represents--environmentally, economically, and culturally--for all Oklahomans. 

Oklahoma Water Survey Events

Click here to read the Winter 2020 Oklahoma Water Survey Newsletter!