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Know an Outstanding Student Worker? Nominate Them to be ‘Student Employee of the Year’

Know an Outstanding Student Worker? Nominate Them to be ‘Student Employee of the Year’

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Know an outstanding OU student worker? Nominate them for the Student Employee of the Year award. Details are below, and the nomination deadline is this Friday.

The Student Employee of the Year award, or SEOTY, allows OU staff and faculty to recognize undergraduate student employees at the institutional level.

“The last two years have been extremely difficult for our student employees to navigate, yet they manage to give 100 percent to their employers – which means a lot to staff and faculty – as many departments and colleges cannot function without them,” said Mari-Ann Stumblingbear, OU’s federal work study coordinator. “Nominees can add this credential to their resumes as students begin their life journey after college. Each nominee receives a certificate of appreciation, and the top three nominees will receive $500 scholarship and a trophy.”

Asia Nguyen was nominated for last year’s awards by her supervisor in the loans area of the Bursar’s Office. Nguyen has since graduated from OU, but the Bursar’s Office didn’t want to lose her, so they hired her as a full-time employee.

“It was truly an honor and a wonderful experience to be a part of the Student Employee of the Year awards,” Nguyen said. “It was something I hope most student employees get the chance to be a part of.”

To nominate an eligible undergraduate student, supervisors need to complete the following:

  1. Submit a letter (two page maximum) which briefly explains why you are submitting the student for recognition, outlines the student’s accomplishments and work contributions in the past year, and explains how students exhibit National Association of Colleges and Employers competencies in their positions.
  2. Submit a cover letter with the student’s name, email address, headshot, job title and department, along with the supervisor’s name and email.

To nominate a student or learn more about the SEOTY awards, visit For submissions and questions, contact OU-SEOTY at

The 2021-22 OU SEOTY nominees will be announced during OU Student Employee Week, to be held this year April 11-15.

See last year’s winners in the video below.

Graduate Assistants and Teaching Assistants are not eligible for SEOTY.

Article Published:  Wednesday, January 26, 2022