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Startup Funding

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Startup Funding

Our team works alongside a group of partners to provide critical funding for Startup Programs businesses. These funding sources provide initial capital to early-stage startups to invest in research and development or general business growth.

Startup Innovation Fund

Startup Innovation Fund (SIF) provides University of Oklahoma students access to non-equity seed capital to test new or early-stage startup ideas.

Through SIF, eligible Startup Community Pre-Accelerator members have access to short-range, targeted funding of up to $500 to overcome common challenges in ideation and market discovery, which reduce the costs of failure and offer students the opportunity to really explore their entrepreneurial idea. 

Through SIF, eligible Startup Accelerator members are also able to receive proof-of-concept grant awards of up to $5,000 to support market testing and prototype development. These grants are awarded at each Startup Demo Day. 

Learn More About Startup Funding Opportunities

If you are interested in learning more about these funding options or other University funding opportunities, we encourage you to contact OU Startup Programs with any questions.