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Landscape Services maintains over 3,000 acres of campus lawns and gardens.  Find out more about services, the mums tradition, and sustainability efforts below.

The mums tradition in the South Oval spans more than 70 years. The mum beds are usually planted in mid to late June, dependant upon weather, with the target bloom time at Homecoming (mid to late October).  The design is created by the Director and Gardening Supervisor.  Being that each year’s design is different, Lanscape and Grounds plant 15,000 to 22,000 Chrysanthemums on campus annually.  The mums are then usally pulled early in the week of Thanksgiving. The public is welcome to get the plants after landscape has pulled them.  Check out the articles below for more information and pictures.

The Department of Landscape and Grounds has started to move towards more environmentally friendly landscaping practices in a number of ways.  First, Oklahoma proven plants have been given preference during recent projects (e.g., Sarkeys rooftop project, planting perennials in outlying beds, etc.) over plants that require more resources and/or more frequent replacement. 

Second, there has been an increased focus on mulching to help protect plants and to reduce the amount of water necessary to encourage plant vigor. 

Third, integrated pest management (IPM) principles are used while also following rules and regulations outlined by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry to pursue pest management by the most economical means with the least possible hazard level (pests include but are not limited to insects, weeds, and plant diseases). 

Lastly, for approximately the last 10 years there has been a movement towards water conservation by decreasing water runoff through the initiation of a strategic approach towards irrigation watering cycles, increasing the use of drip irrigation, and focusing on problem areas to identify and address chronic over-watering.  By concentrating on these areas of water usage, only the water needed for plants to survive and flourish in their intended environments is applied.  In doing this, the University has been able to meet and exceed the specifications outlined in the water program for the City of Norman.  In addition to the steps already taken outlined in this section, the recommendations made in this plan will help to expand current efforts into a more cohesive and comprehensive approach towards landscape sustainability at the University of Oklahoma.  This will provide a highly visible, tangible opportunity to help strengthen the ongoing culture shift towards sustainability on campus.

GardeningPlants and monitors flowers, shrubs, and flower beds.
Irrigation and Water WellsSchedules and maintains sprinkler systems and water wells.
MaintenanceRepairs and performs preventative maintenance on landscape equipment.
Turf ManagementMows and edges grass and turf.
Tree ServicesPlants and trims trees.

Registered student organizations are permitted to advertise on campus through use of flyers, posters, chalking, and tree banners.  Permission is required by Student Life.  More information can be found on the Student Life website

The University of Oklahoma is recognized as a member of Tree Campus USA. To receive this designation, institutions must meet five standards: 

  • Establishment of a campus tree advisory committee
  • Evidence of a campus tree care plan
  • Verification of the plan’s dedicated annual expenditures
  • Observing Arbor Day
  • Creating a service-learning project aimed at engaging the student body


Landscape Leadership

Brandon Cox

Brandon Cox
Director, Landscape Services

Jim Oliver

Jim Oliver
Supervisor, Turf Management

Jason Reeves

Jason Reeves
Supervisor, Irrigation

Greg Cornett

Ethan Wisener
Supervisor, Tree Services

Steven Williams

Steven Williams
Supervisor, Maintenance

Greg Cornett

Charles Hamilton
Supervisor, Gardening