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Leadership Development

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The Student Leadership Program

Students in this program represent the tip of the sword in our development. The students that comprise our leadership team showcase personal initiative and high energy as they head each one of these individual programs and are put in direct contact with peer university programs, industry businesses and professionals, and present to other administrative bodies in and outside of the University of Oklahoma.

Our goals are to create professionals through mentorship and understanding that life long learning mentality is critical to innovation right now in the collegiate esports industry. This means students are encouraged to try everything and are taught to embrace failure equally with success to develop truly unique programming. There is not a single professional in esports that only does a single job. Our goal with these students is to directly impact the industry and can sustain stress, heavy logistics, and still be productive as the current state of esports administrators all exemplify.

Leadership candidates are selected from within the pipelines of active members in each of the programs we develop in the hopes of also mentoring high achieving students to fill the vacancies of their predecessors.

Current Student Leadership

Student leadership from Spring 2021 and on are selected after an interview process of peers and advisors for the Solidus Leadership Award and are incentivized through that to assist with development as the next elevation of the 2016 initial strategic intentions to develop our own workforce through execution. In the future, these roles will become part-time and full-time employees of the university once the roadmap runs it's full course. 

This next chapter is the dream of building equity in students, allowing them to take ownership of development, and building something monumental from nothing but passion and drive at the start. This entire program is a use case in entreprenuership and a testament to what you can build when it's thoroughly planned, constantly evolved, and keeps the core audience it's for at the forefront of consideration. 

Pre-Institutional Elevation Student Achievements (2016-2020)

  • Total budget from 2016-2020 from OU resources: $8.1K
  • Total student led charity fundraising for youth in Oklahoma from 2016-2020: $8.9K
  • Total donation, contributions from 2016-2020: $107K
  • Largest student org at OU: 1.6K members+
  • Representation from all discernible demographics present in club! All colleges, genders, heritages, 3 campuses, and classes represented.
  • Over 40 events executed for departments, students, and different titles.
  • Consulting other universities, K-12, and public and private sector businesses globally.

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Leadership is the team of students that oversee the club and help it operate. There is a student leader at the head of each of our pillars (Community-  Internal and Outreach, News & Media, Production, Streaming Entertainment, and Intercollegiate Competition), along with a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Marketing Director.

  • Current Student of OU at any status
  • Good standing with the university
  • 2.5+ GPA
  • Must be a member of OU Gaming Club with at least one semester of time passed
  • Stackable with Champion Award ONLY
  • Only available when previous students graduate or step down. Awareness and applications in Discord ONLY.
  • Maximum amount for inagural 2021-2022 school year: $2K+/yr

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Solidus Student Leadership

Kaleb "Slaw" Slawson

Interim President of OU Gaming Club
Student Assistant Coordinator of Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation

Information Science & Technology., '22

Raymond "bluem" Nguyen

Marketing Coordinator
Marketing & International Business, '24

Jody "BosnWifey" Farmer

Intercollegiate Esports Coordinator
Creative Media Production, '23

Anna "Anomalli" Ali

Influencer Development Coordinator
Creative Media Production, '25

Jacob "Oculus" Ross

Community & Labs Coordinator
Graduate Assistant
MBA, '25 (Masters)

Jackson "Ajax" Boyd

Assistant Community Coordinator
Construction Science, '25

Cooper "Kappy" Marshall

Media & News Coordinator
Journalism, '23

Austin "RexGoDragon" Nguyen

Production Coordinator
Computer Science, '22

Joshua "Thumper" Riesenberg

Intercollegiate Esports Coordinator
Graduate Assistant
MBA, '25 (Masters)

Student Leadership Lineage

Zach "Thunderbird" Satz

Marketing Director (2019-2022)

Art, Technology, & Culture, '22

Kevin "Piplup" Nguyen

- Vice President (2019-2020)

Biomedical Engineering, '20

Derek "DefectSnow" Snow

Media & News Director (2019-2021)

Computer Science, '23

Hashim "BrownDieselWagon" Hassany

Community Director (Outreach) (2021-2022)
Mgmt. Info. Systems, '22

Silas "Si" Bales

Media & News Coordinator (2021-2023)

Journalism, '24

Joey "Ghost094" Yeager

Community Coordinator (2021-2023)
MIS, '23

Matthew "Silverplussonic" Miller

Streaming Entertainment Director (2018-2022)
Meteorology, '22

Kara "Kel" Kelbright

Community Outreach Coordinator (2019-2021)
International Studies, '21 (Masters)

Jonathan "RadPanda" Hudson

Intercollegiate Esports Director (2019-2022)
Meteorology, '23

Uyen-Nhu Kristine "kwinunk" Nguyen

Marketing Coordinator (2022-2023)
Biochemistry, '23

Kate "itsafurn" Furney

Influencer Development Coordinator (2022-2023)
Creative Media Production, '23

Jack "LovesLamp" Counts

-President (2017-2019)

Communications, '20

Alex "AgentA2" Tu

- Vice President (2017-2018)

Mathematics & Philosophy, '18

Callie "Kitren" Simonton

- Community Director (2017-2019)

Film & Media Studies, '19
Grad Cert: Media Management, '20

Bailey "UltimateCodex" Brown

- Media & News Director  (2017-2019)

Journalism, '19

Rachel "TheAlbinosaur" Bray

- Marketing Director (2017-2019)

Marketing & Supply Chain Mgmt., '19

Jasmine Graves

- President (2019-2021)
- Vice President (2018-2019)
- Media Director (Twitch) (2017-2018)

Management Information Systems, '21

David " Vid" Kaucic

- Production Director (2017-2020)

Chemical Engineering, '20

Matthew Dang

- Treasurer (2017-2018)

Information Studies, '19