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Alumni Advisory Board

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A Letter from The OU Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation Alumni Advisory Board Chair

When the OU ECCI Program first started, the focus was getting to the next milestone and building the brand and reputation of collegiate esports. 2023 became a pivotal year across the board and the OU Esports Alumni Advisory Board was created to support initiatives for the program by leveraging the global alumni network. The Board plans to create pathways to career opportunities, provide professional development, contribute in fundraising efforts, etc. Sooner nation is powerful and this Board plans to be another facet for alumni to give back to a program that has impact. -Anita Ly, Board Chair

Alumni Advisory Board (2023-2024)

The alumni board serves the developments and community of The University of Oklahoma Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation initiatives. These initiatives include but are not limited to professional development opportunities, fundraising strategic development, alumni intergration and programming, and advocacy campaigns.

Anita "Ahlymeowly" Ly, M.B.A.

- Board Chair

Masters of Business Administration 2020

Charlie "Charlemagne" Crum

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering 2016
Masters of Science in Chemical Engineering 2018

Dimitri "Meech" FLowers

Bachelors of Business Administration 2017
Juris Doctorate 2023

Elise "Elisu" Siler

Bachelor of Fine Arts 2022

Freddie Halstead

Bachelor of Science in Political Science 1998

Justin "Bardo" Lombardo

Bachelors of Business Administration 2016
Bachelors of Business in Management Information Systems 2016

Lorenzo Rocchi

Bachelor of Business Administration 2021
Masters of Business Administration 2023
Masters of Science in Management Information Systems 2023

Alumni Advisory Board FAQ

- An OU Alum of any generation and area of study
- Have and use Discord actively (Primary communication method)
- Apply to the board through the board chair (Contact for more information)

The Alumni Advisory Board of OU ECCI is brand new for the Fall 2023 semester. While there has always been a very loose component of leadership intent this is the first year we expand it's scope, make it intentional, and open it up to get focused on objective-orietnted initiatives.