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Professional Counseling Student Resources

Professional Counseling
Student Resources




For information on master’s level counselor licensure in Oklahoma visit Licensure requirements may vary from state to state, so if you plan to seek licensure in another state, check the Professional Licensing Board in that state for more information.


Funding Opportunities

Faculty consistently work very hard to develop relationships with programs and agencies across campus and throughout the community, cultivating potential GA positions for our masters students; however, faculty can neither guarantee nor coordinate funding for incoming students. In an era of decreasing resources in higher education, students interested in GA funding are encouraged to act independently and proactively in attempts to secure any available funding across campus and within the surrounding community. 

For funding and financial support for graduate students including: Scholarships and Travel/Research Grants, Graduate College Tuition Waivers, Fellowships, Graduate Assistantships available within the Graduate College, Funding for Graduate Student Research and Financial Aid links specific to Graduate students and the University of Oklahoma, please visit

For part-time counseling related work for students across a breadth of settings (such as the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, University College, University Library, etc.), please visit

Additional Funding Sources

In addition to GA and university affiliated part-time work positions, our graduate students are eligible to apply for scholarships and grants (links below) to work on their research or to supplement their graduate school education. Scholarships are available on campus and our students are very competitive and successful at obtaining these scholarships. Federal support may also be available for their research and education, including monies from NIH and the Department of Education.

For information on financial aid and additional funding, please visit the Financial Aid Services website at

For Scholarship Resources at the University of Oklahoma, please visit

For Scholarship Resources at the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education, please visit Graduate Scholarships

For graduate student support for research and travel within the College of Education, please visit Research and Travel Funds for Graduate Students

Professional Counseling Program/Degree Requirements:

  • EDPC 5113 - Human Development
  • EDPC 5253 - Assessment in Counseling
  • EDPC 5263 - Professional Issues and Ethics in Counseling
  • EDPC 5413 - Occupational Information - Career Development
  • EDPC 5423 - Methods and Techniques of Counseling
  • EDPC 5433 - Theories and Techniques of Group Counseling
  • EDPC 5443 - Family Systems Theory
  • EDPC 5453 - Social and Cultural Diversity in Counseling
  • EDPC 5483 - Diagnosis and Treatment in Counseling
  • EDPC 5513 - Introduction to Abuse and Addictions Theory and Treatment
  • EDPC 5473 - Counseling Theories
  • EDPC 5913 - Practicum in Counseling
  • EDPC 5923 - Internship in Professional Counseling (2 semesters)
  • EDPC 5653 - Crisis Counseling
  • EDPC 5533 - Psychopharmacology/Neurobiology of Addiction
  • EDPC 5523 - Addictions in Family Theory
  • EDPC 5543 - Addiction Theory/Co-Occuring Disorders
  • EDPC 5553 - Addictions in Family Counseling
  • EIPT 5033 - Introduction to Research and Evaluation in Education
  • EIPT 5203 - Assessment and Evaluation in Education and Counseling