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Mathematics Education

Mathematics Education

Mathematics Education B.S. Ed.

Teachers play a significant role in training future leaders. Mathematics teachers help to educate our doctors, engineers, scientists and business leaders in basic skills required to do their jobs every day. The Mathematics Education program at the University of Oklahoma offers its students excellent preparation for this responsibility with in-class education and hands-on opportunities.



Students spend more than 120 hours observing and tutoring in the classroom. These field experiences prepare students for student teaching internships, which typically last 16 weeks. Students work in the classroom observing, creating lesson plans and teaching.

The curriculum for a Bachelor of Science degree with teaching certification is designed to be completed within four years, though this can vary depending on when the student becomes a fully admitted student to the college.

Degree Options

A Mathematics Education student graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Education degree. With a Bachelor of Science in Education degree, a student may choose to pursue graduate degrees in a multitude of disciplines.

Degree checksheet for this program


Students are recommended for certification to become mathematics teachers for middle school or junior high school and/or high school after graduation and after passing required state certification exams, which include the OSAT and PPAT.

Interests and Skills

Mathematics Education students typically have interests in mathematics, science and computers and also enjoy working with middle and high school-aged students. High school preparation should include tutoring or working with middle and high school students.

Students working on math tutoring