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NAS Affiliate Faculty Application

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NAS Affiliate Faculty Guidelines and Application

Membership in the Native American Studies Faculty is open to faculty who are tenured, tenure‐track, renewable term, or adjunct faculty on the Native American Studies staff and designated faculty hired through OU’s emeritus program and is based on the following criteria:

  1. Commitment to the Native American Studies Department;

  2. Teaching in the area of Native American Studies;

  3. Research/publication in Native American Studies;

  4. Interdisciplinary/Native perspective.

Each candidate need not meet all criteria but should have an on‐going interest in Native American Studies and in participating in Native American Studies program activities. There are three types of faculty; core, core affiliate, and affiliate.

This application is for placement in the core affiliate and affiliate categories. Ranked renewable term faculty may serve on Committee A and may vote on all matters except tenure and promotion.  Adjuncts and designated emeritus faculty may vote on all matters with the exception of tenure and promotion and may not serve on Committee A.

Voting rights: To have a vote within the program, core affiliate faculty must meet at least ONE of the following two requirements.

  1. Attendance at a minimum of two faculty meetings in the previous two semesters.

  2. Service on at least one committee in the previous two semesters.

Applications are accepted on rolling basis and will be voted upon at the Native American Studies core faculty meeting following submission of materials.