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Melanie Frye

Melanie Frye
(Muscogee Creek Nation)
B.A., Native American Studies 2007

Melanie Frye is an almnus, current student, and active faculty member in Native American Studies.

Melanie earned her bachelor's degree in 2007 from The University of Oklahoma in Anthropology with a double major in Native American Studies.

She is currently in her last semester of graduate work in NAS with a focus on Language, History and Cultural Knowledge.

She also serves the department as an instructor of Creek language.

Her passion is working toward the revitalization and perpetuation of the Mvskoke (Creek/Seminole) language.  In doing so, she feels that she is honoring her late father, Johnny Frye, late uncle, George Bunny Jr., and her late mentor, Margaret McKane Mauldin.

Melanie attended NCAIS (Newberry Consortium of American Indian and Indigenous Studies) Summer Institute in Chicago, IL during the summer of 2019.  There, she attended classes and participated in research on language revitiliztation.

Melanie will discuss her personal journey of learning and teaching her language as part of the OU Native Nations Center series "Language As Personal Journey" on January 22nd, 2020.

Melanie recently received the good news that her abstract was accepted and that she'll be presenting at the NCAIS 2020 Graduate Student Conference in February 2020.

Jamison Short
(Cherokee Nation)
Class of 2019

Jamison is the Project Coordinator of the Tribal Data Training and Technical Assistance Project at the Native Alliance Against Violence, a position supported by the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice.  NAAV is a non-profit organization in Norman, Oklahoma, operating as Oklahoma’s only tribal domestic violence and sexual assault coalition.   Jamison assists tribal governments and Tribal Jurisdiction Program grantees with data collection and utilization.  He also helps to develop and enhance programs to effectively respond to domestic and sexual violence occurring within those communities.

Jamison is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation and grew up in Purcell, Oklahoma.  Jamison graduated from OU in May of 2019 with a Bachelors degree in Native American Studies with a second major in Advertising and minors in Health and Exercise Science and Business.  Jamison served on Student Congress/Student Government Association and multiple student advisory boards.  He interned at the Native Nations Center and volunteered in the Native American Languages Collection.  He also worked as the advertising manager for the OU Daily and competed for the OU Powerlifting team. 

Corey Still 
(United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma)
Class of 2013

Corey Still taught Cherokee language for the Native American Studies department from 2016 - 2019.  He now serves now as Director of Scholarship Operations for American Indian Graduate Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

David Gover

David Gover
(Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma/Choctaw Nation)
Class of 1997

David Gover practices Indian law as a staff attorney for the Native American Rights Fund in Boulder, Colorado

Candessa Teehee
(Cherokee Nation)
Class of 2000

Tehee serves her tribe as the Director of the Cherokee Heritage Center and Museum in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Bird Runningwater
(Cheyenne/Mescalero Apache Tribe)
Class of 1994

Based in Los Angeles, Bird Runningwater serves as the Director of Sundance Institute’s Native American and Indigenous Program.

NAS Master's Theses

YearAuthorThesis Title and link to ShareOK
2009Takawana, CliffThe Presence of Intellectual Genocide in the American Indian World
2010Geimausaddle, DavettaThe Process of Revising the Kiowa Constitution
2010Kelley, AmandaIdentifying Graduates' Academic Motivation to Major in Native American Studies at the University of Oklahoma
2010Ketchum, TerrySeldom Heard: Using Content Analysis to Investigate Supreme Court Decisions Prior to the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act of 1975
2010Pair, MarvinA Comparison of Western and Non-Western Approaches to Protecting Songs: A Dichotomy Between Intellectual and Cultural Properties
2010Prokhorova, DariaLand and Landscape in Contemporary Native American Art
2010Tiger, YvonneArt With a Cause: Examining the Connections Between Art and the Wellness of the Native American Community
2011Gauthier, RitaA Study of Gender Roles in an Oklahoma Chapter of the Native American Church
2011Fite, CarleighAn Oliphant Fix: Why We Need It and Where We Can Get It
2011Houle, KatrinaIntellectual Property and  the Appropriation of Traditional Knowledge
2011Krause, ThomasThis is All They Understand: The Metalaguage of Violence in Two Native American Novels
2011Rohrer, JohnathanChoosing a New Path: A Practical Analysis of Continues Reliance Upon the Major Crimes Act to Administer Justice in Indian Country
2011Freeman, RoyceThe Continuum of Language and Culture: Tribal Language Reunions
2012Bible, KellenA trend analysis of Indian gaming in Oklahoma from 2005-2012
2012Tahmahkera, BennyReconstruction of Comancheria: Influences of preparing a will
2012Wesley, SummerTrademarking tradition: Intellectual property and Native American tribes
2012Cook, JamesThe Social Benefits of Gaming Profits For the Otoe-Missouria Tribe of Oklahoma
2012Cross, StephanieWhat I Know About Native Americans: A Case Study of College Students' Perceptions of Native Americans
2012Zgleszewski, JoyWe Were Not Formed to Be Forgotten: Contemporary Reflections of the Mound Builders in Native American Literature
2013Alvarez, KelliRace and Identity: An Examination of the Indigenous Voice in Selected Works of Esquivel, Valdez, and Zepeda
2013Young, ElizabethNative American Cultural Identity and Land Access: The Kiowa Tribe and Longhorn Mountain
2014Allen, EmmaDon't Read the Comments Section: A Content Analysis of Responses To Online Native Appropriations Activism
2014Hardin, RandiHello Choctaw!: termination, self-determination, and Choctaw tribal governance
2014Perico, ShabrieA Trend Analysis in American Indian Teacher Education
2014Brown, HesterMulti-Sovereign Conflicts in the Regulation of Air Quality on Tribal Lands in Oklahoma
2014Eckert, SummerThe Love Energy: An Analysis of Cherokee Love Literature and Ethnographic Writings
2015Gomez, LaurenBeyond Black and White: Native American Representation in Mainstream Media
2015Marlow, EricThe Myths and Institutional Structures that Maintain Settler Colonialism in the United States
2015Carden, KathaleneAmerican Indian Access to Health Care Services in Oklahoma Post Affordable Care Act
2016Bridgers, AntoinetteThe Influence of "Super Indian" on Native Youth
2016Caddell, DavinaFinding the Chahta in the Choctaw: A Case Study on the Relationship Between Chahta People and Western Education
2016Dennis, JordanWhat Every American Schoolboy Knows and Other Dirty Words
2016Macktima, MarcusExamining Historical Issues Pertaining to San Carlos Apache Tribal Identities Through Peoplehood
2016Pembrook, TrentThe Economic Impact of Tribal Gaming on Non-Native Communities in Oklahoma Using L.O.S.T. Data
2016Prevett, CamilleFacebook as a Tool in Mvskoke Language Learning and Use
2016Otis, JeremyGlobal Indigenous Diaspora: An International Comparison of Nation-Based Recognition, Tribal Membership, and Aboriginal Rights
2017Glazner, OliviaAn Unjust Legality: The Settler Colonization of Hawai’i, Told Through the Blount Report of 1893
2017Weryackwe, RanceSavages, Settlers, And Slaves: A Comanche Tribalography of Education, Footall, and Race at the University of Oklahoma
2018Clark, Laura“The World at Our Door” Scottish and Irish Settlers Among Muscogee (Creeks) and Other Southeast Tribes, 1700 - 1830
2018Wahkinney, JaredComanche Food Attitudes
2019Koch, ShelbyPerceived Discrimination in Healthcare Among American Indian College Students
2019Scott, JoleenShaping Cherokee Art with America Meredith
2019LittleAxe, DenessaGreen Aspirations: Complex Issues Surrounding Marijuana Legalization in Tribal Contexts and the Discussions that Follow
2019Frye, MelanieImproving Mvskoke (Creek) language learning outcomes: a frequency-based approach
2021Cain, KatiIttibaapishiꞌat Ittachapa: Chickasaw and Choctaw Relations in Indian Territory, 1839-1856
2021Myers, LarryDecolonizing humans, ending gender abuse, and sexual violence, from discovery to the twenty-first century and beyond