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Jay Casey

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Jay Casey

Kathleen Brosnan

Jay Casey’s area of research interest focuses on visual and media culture during wartime, particularly the American wars of the Twentieth Century, with secondary research interests in the experiences of prisoners of war and noncombatants. Since 2004, he has taught courses on World War II, the Vietnam War, American military history, and the popular culture of the United States. He worked as a secondary history classroom teacher with the Houston Independent School District while completing his doctoral degree at the University of Houston. He teaches American history surveys and military history courses at the University of Oklahoma. He formerly worked as a journalist, copy editor, and journalism instructor on the Gulf Coast before earning advanced degrees in history.

Selected publications and presentations

Erin M Casey, Jay H. Casey, “Building Democratic Citizenship Competencies in K-5 Economics Through Analysis of Popular Culture”, Social Studies Research and Practice, Vol. 14 Issue: 1, 2019.

“What’s So Funny? The Finding and Use of Soldier Cartoons from the World Wars as Historical Evidence,” in Drawing the Line: Using Cartoons as Historical Evidence, Sydney University Press, 2009.

“The Dynamics of Quiet Heroism and Invisible Death in American Soldier Cartoons of the World Wars” in The International Journal of Comic Art, Vol. 9, No.1 Spring 2007.

“Objects of Derision and Desire: Comic Depictions of Women in the American Soldier Press of World War II,” PCA/SWTXPCA, 2010. This paper, with accompanying images, was included in the National Museum of American History Women’s Military History Archive and Research Resource in 2014.

Courses at OU

HIST 1493 United States History, 1865 to present

HIST 3503 The World War II Era, 1918-1945

HIST 4453 United States Military History, 1860 to present

Before coming to the University of Oklahoma, Dr. Casey was an assistant professor of professional practice in secondary social studies with the College of Education at Louisiana State University. From 2010 to 2015, he was a visiting assistant professor in history at the University of Arkansas.


Master of Arts in Mass Communications, Louisiana State University, 1995.

Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Houston, 2005