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IndiGENcon: Creating Connection and Making Space

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IndiGENcon: Creating Connections and Making Space

In May 2023, the Genomics and Ethics Program for Native Students (GEN) hosted its first IndiGENcon event. IndiGENcon was established as an Indigenous-centered and student-led event designed to create a safe and welcoming space to elevate Indigenous perspectives and methodologies in academic institutional spaces. The goal for the inaugural event was to gather Indigenous stewards and learners- including researchers and academics, students, community leaders, knowledge keepers and others- to share stories of achievement and aspiration. We wanted to showcase our successes in implementing traditional knowledge practices in institutions of higher education and discuss new Indigenous standards of success. 

Research partners, community members, artists, and students from across the country attended the event, making it a truly unique opportunity to share ideas and network with thought leaders from many different backgrounds. The success of our first IndiGENcon event was the result of so many people who contributed their time, heart and hard work to ensure that the event uplifted Indigenous students. IndiGENcon sought to create connections and make space for Indigenous perspectives. The GEN program continues this commitment with events throughout the year, including the IndiGENcon Speakers Series and IndiGENcon Workshops, which will serve as spaces to make connections and share perspectives until we can gather again for the next IndiGENcon national gathering.