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First-Year Student Coaching

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OU First-Year Students

Academic Life Coaching for first-year students provides support for transition from high school to college. By utilizing a coaching approach, a foundation is built where the students are the experts in their own lives and the coach serves as a catalyst for progress and goal achievement.

Our office is located at:
334 Cate Center Drive
Cate 4, 3rd Floor

Provides 1-on-1 interaction between an Academic Life Coach and first-year student.

A safe and non-judgmental space is established in order to build a trusting relationship with each individual student.

Encourage positive support to reduce stress and facilitate action for improvement.

Coaches facilitate the discovery of appropriate tools and techniques that best motivate students to propel their success, enhance learning, and reach significant milestones.

Students learn vital strategies, such as building positive time management and study systems, creating a healthy life and academic balance, and establishing beneficial support networks.

Students become empowered and understand how to unite their major and career choices to their passions and individual values.