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Alan Drake

Alan Drake
OU Black Royalty 2022

“There are places and people at OU for everyone. Being Black, queer, and non-binary, I don’t fit in everywhere I go. I was worried that when I got here, I would have to hide who I am or live with being someone other than myself. That is not the case. I have found people, places, and organizations all around OU that love me for me. I am more than confident that any and all potential Sooners can find their people and their places.” 

Alan Drake, an OU freshman, ran on the platform "Love our Trans Sisters." Through their platform, Alan hopes to bridge the gaps between Black transgender women and Black cisgender people to build a healthier and loving relationship between the two. Alan wants to educate Black students, faculty, and staff about the realities Black transgender women face in hopes of uniting the Black community, regardless of gender, ability, socioeconomic status, and sexuality. 

Q: Why did you choose to run for OU Black Royalty this year?
Originally, I missed the OU Black Royalty informational meeting. The OU Black Royalty Chair, Kelsie Johnson, reached out to me and asked if I was interested and sent me info about the pageant. After talking to a few juniors and seniors about past pageants, I knew participating in OU Black Royalty was something I was interested in. My platform was unique, and I wanted to be on stage to show that Black excellence goes beyond cisgender men and women.

Q: The OU Black Royalty Pageant was a way to showcase Black excellence, how did you and your fellow contestants encapsulate that vision?
Although there were only four of us in the pageant, as a whole, we showcased Black excellence and showed a small portion of possibilities for Black students at OU and beyond! Jasmine, who also won, has a prominent role on the executive board of the National Pan-Hellenic Council, is brilliant when it comes to academics and people, and is so extremely driven to make sure that people who look like her have what it takes to succeed just as much as and more than she has. Tiffany, my co-contestant, serves on executive boards, is a talented singer, and has worked throughout her academic career. Casey, another co-contestant, is one of the hardest working first-year students I know. He works for the OKC Thunder as a dancer and is a pre-med student.

Q: What are some extracurriculars you are involved in and why did you choose to join them?  

Alan: Through Black Student Association (BSA), I have been able to meet wonderful students and staff that I can look to for any help and guidance with anything that I need. Camp Kesem means a lot to me personally. Kesem’s mission statement is to support children through and beyond their parent’s cancer. My mother passed away from cancer in July of 2021 from breast cancer so when I found out about Camp Kesem, I knew it was something I would want to join in any capacity I can.

Q: What is your favorite resource on campus?
Alan: Out of all the many resources on campus, Angelique Price, the African American Services and Programs coordinator and the BSA advisor, is second to none. I met her at Welcome Black Weekend, and ever since, she has been a guiding light on campus. She pushes me to be the best version of myself inside and outside of the classroom, encourages me to try out for positions, and connects me to people who support me while I am at OU.