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Bizzell Memorial Library

Welcome to the Bizzell Memorial Library

Located in the heart of the OU Norman campus is a five-story brick building that serves as home to thousands of books, documents, and other reference materials available to the OU community. This building is the Bizzell Memorial Library — affectionately called “The Biz” by the OU family.

Inside, students will find professionals who are committed to the mission of providing access to resources that fulfill the needs of academic, research, artistic, and scholarly objectives. Librarians, library professionals, and library student workers play a fundamental role in OU's academic and research success. 

No matter what a student, professor, or faculty member is searching for, the staff of the Bizzell Memorial Library remains dedicated to fit the evolving needs of the OU community through cutting-edge technology and innovative resources. 





What unique resources are available to students?
  • Checking out resources
    On the main floor, students can check out books, laptops, iPads, calculators, and a variety of chargers from the Circulation Desk. If you want to look at the stars or record a podcast, the desk offers special-interest items like telescopes or podcast kits as well.
  • Finding your textbook
    For students who need to reference or study a textbook, the desk has Textbooks-on-Reserve, where textbooks from many OU classes can be checked out for four hours at a time.
  • Printing services
    Throughout the library, several WEPA printers are available for student use. Quick and easy to use, the printers allow students to print directly from the library computers, personal laptops, tablets, cell phones, cloud storage, or flash drives within minutes!
  • Loveridge Computer Lab
    The Loveridge Computer Lab is open to any student who needs to complete homework, research, write papers, or print off materials for classes. The lab also features an assistive technology computer that has features like ZoomText software and keyboard, which allows for screen magnification and visual enhancements for low-vision users, as well as two screen reader software
Where do students study in the library?

Every semester, thousands of students travel in and out of the library for quick study sessions between classes. During the weeks of midterms and finals, students from every major flood the library to fill up all floors.

  • Those who prefer a peaceful studying environment find themselves in the quietest place on campus and perhaps in Oklahoma — the Peggy V. Helmerich Great Reading Room. The Great Reading Room was built in 1929 and houses OU theses and dissertations from alumni.
  • For those who prefer a relaxed setting, several spaces fit with desk space, charging ports, and comfortable seating can be found on lower level one at the Helmerich Collaborative Learning Center (HCLC).
  • For group studying, HCLC also has rooms that can be reserved for study sessions.
  • If none of the above fits a student’s preference, there are also study areas throughout the library. From desks tucked away in the stacks to private conference rooms on the upper levels, students can find their preferred place to hunker down and study!
What academic resources are housed in the Bizzell Memorial Library?
  • Research Consultations
    The library offers research consultations, where liaison librarians who are subject experts provide research services. Students can schedule research consultations if they need help locating and using information sources.
  • Consultations @ OU Libraries & the Learning Lab
    These are spaces that are dedicated to campus resources like the University College Action Tutoring and the OU Writing Center.
  • Presentation Consultations
    Inside the Learning Lab, students can schedule a presentation consultation, where they can receive help from presentation coaches on topic selection, research, presentation delivery, visual aids, and more.
  • Research Help Desk
    Within the Loveridge Computer Lab, OU Libraries’ student employees can assist students with research questions or navigating the OU Libraries’ website and databases.
Are there food and drink options inside the building?

Yes! Students can refuel by visiting the Bookmark Cafe, which serves Starbucks coffee and a selection of pastries and sandwiches for a snack during study breaks.

How do the Bizzell's librarians assist OU students?

Librarians in the Bizzell Memorial Library help connect students to information and help them gain skills to be successful students at OU and in their professional lives after they graduate! Bizzell Memorial librarians help students:

  • Formulate a research strategy for academic projects. This includes helping the student create keywords, choose an online database, and evaluate sources.
  • Gain access to rare or obscure sources that are needed for capstone projects through Interlibrary Loan.
  • Think critically about academic and research information.
What OU Libraries resources are available online?
  • Lean Library
    Lean Library is a browser extension for access and assistance. It enables more seamless access to OU Libraries online resources when searching on the open web by authenticating OU access to full-text articles and journals that the libraries subscribe to. Students can spend less time figuring out if they have access to resources and more time researching!
  • Assignment Calculator
    Assignment Calculator breaks down projects and assignments into smaller, more manageable steps with due dates to keep students on track and to avoid procrastination. 
  • PowerNotes
    PowerNotes is a browser extension that allows students to annotate and highlight PDFs and webpages that are relevant to research. Students can gather, organize, and keep track of research all in one place!
What experiential learning opportunities are in the Bizzell Memorial Library?

The Bizzell Memorial Library and library professionals cater to the needs and interests of so many communities on campus. For those who are not tech savvy or need assistance with their computer, the OU IT Service Center provides convenient access for help with IT needs! For those who want a flexible and creative experimentation space, visit the Library MakerSpace, which is fit with 3D printers, microelectronic kits, and virtual reality workstations!

What can I see on a visit to the Bizzell Memorial Library?

You’ll see thousands of books — and likely many students studying if you visit campus during Fall or Spring. On top of that, the library has exhibits weaved all throughout its five floors, from small, pop-up exhibits to larger exhibits that are displayed annually on the main floor.

Where can I learn more about the Bizzell Memorial Library?

For those who are interested in learning more, Your Guide to OU Libraries offers an in-depth breakdown of the resources and services available at the Bizzell Memorial Library!