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International Undergraduate Cost

International Undergraduate Costs

Estimated ExpensesCost
Tuition & Fees$31,637*
Housing & Food$16,248
Books & Supplies$800
Medical Insurance$2,437
Personal Expenses$2,000
International Total$53,122

*Aviation flying major (Professional Pilot and Management-Flying Track) students have an estimated, additional tuition and fees cost of $15,000 per year.

*Undergraduate students in architecture, art, engineering, computer science, or petroleum engineering have an estimated, additional, one-time laptop computer cost of $2,000.

Estimated yearly costs for new and readmitted students

*This estimate includes 30 credit hours, per hour fees, and per semester fees. A number of public institutions report annual cost based on minimum full-time enrollment (24 credit hours). Mandatory fees include: academic facility and life safety, special event, activity, assessment, network connectivity, student facility, library, security services, transit, health, cultural, records, and academic advising fees. Note: All costs subject to change. Mandatory fees listed above do not include college or course-specific fees. There are additional college specific technology and enrichment fees in many courses.


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See OU Office of the Bursar Required Tuition and Fees for detailed information.