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Joseph Browning

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Joseph Browning

Joseph Browning

For OU alumnus Joseph Browning, the Crimson Commitment program was his game changer. 

Browning ended up at the University of Oklahoma primarily because he was an Oklahoma’s Promise student, which made OU one of the most affordable options for him. 

Crimson Commitment guarantees scholarships and grants to cover tuition and average fees for an OU student who qualifies and receives Oklahoma's Promise. Tuition and fees will vary based on major. The program also offers academic and personal support, which comes in the form of peer mentoring, graduation coaching, and ongoing programming focusing on the transition to college, success on campus, and the college-career pathway.

Crimson Commitment took effect partway through Browning’s sophomore year at OU. Through Oklahoma’s Promise, Browning’s tuition was covered. He was also a full Federal Pell Grant recipient, which provided him with $6,000 to use toward fees. Since the Crimson Commitment program pays up to $8,000 in fees, that extra funding allowed him to take out less loans and also have a more flexible work schedule.

“When I got Crimson Commitment support, it was a huge thing for me.” explained Browning, who is from Stigler, Oklahoma. “It took so much stress away. I still worked full time because that’s just who I am, but I could take off days if I needed to study for a test or just study in general.”

Browning graduated from OU in December 2019 with a German degree. During his time on campus, he was a member of the German Club and also president of the Cubers Club, which he helped start. 

Through Cubers Club, he attended various Rubik’s Cube competitions and even hosted one on OU’s campus, which he says is one of his greatest achievements because of the months of planning it took. An attendee named Jeff Park even set a blindfolded world record at the competition after achieving a mean of 18.18 seconds for three solves, including one solve of 16.77 seconds. Browning joked he takes 100% credit for that accomplishment. 

Receiving full tuition and having average fees covered allowed for a clear path to make the OU dream a tangible reality for Browning. 

“I wouldn’t have gone to a big university if I didn’t have Oklahoma’s Promise and then subsequently Crimson Commitment,” Browning said. “It is a really big game changer and can totally change your life. I know that’s cheesy, but it really can.”