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OU Physicians Health@Work (HAW) Corporate Wellness Services

• Detailed 14 page report that your employee can share with his/her personal physician
• Provides overview of biometric data and blood test results
• Provides an overview and specifics scores across multiple health risks factors, such as heart, cancer, diabetes, nutrition, fitness, and stress.
• Computes an employee’s health age
• Makes recommendations on how an employee can reduce health risk factors
• Provides links to targeted and authoritative medical information that is easy to understand
• The employee’s access to all of the PWP resources is ongoing and not limited to the period when the biometrics is taken.

• We provide employee-centered primary care – At Work
• Employers with 750+ employees in a single location can typically support a part time clinic
• Your clinic will be staffed by OU School of Medicine faculty physicians and staff
• Not enough employees? Try partnering with other local employers
• No hassle, we will design, implement, and manage all aspects of you onsite medical clinic
• We also have a mobile clinic available that can travel to multiple locations

• One or more of our faculty physicians will travel to your organization and perform annual head to toe physicals

• Behavioral Health Screenings
• Lipids
• Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
• Complete Blood Count
• A1C/Glucose
• Blood Pressure
• Body Composition
• Thyroid
• Vitamin D

i. Walking Program
- Local walking courses that are marked, safe and interesting
- Web based information and tools to track walking accomplishments (i.e., Rockport Walking Program)
- Walking challenges (i.e., mileage, aerobic points, Mayors or Presidents fitness challenge)
- Inter-club and Intra-club competitions and incentives
- Lunch and learn presentation on “Walking for Fitness”
ii. Wellness Coaching (Conducted by an OU Registered Nurse)
- Identify employee concerns and answer questions related to the Wellness Program
- Take and record the employee’s blood pressure, weight, and any other pertinent medical/health information such as medication changes
- Review with the employee any data generated from the PWP
- Review nutrition information, physical activity and stress
- Discuss health promotion topics such as nutrition, physical activity, disease prevention, stress management, mental health and depression, tobacco, substance abuse, etc.
- Direct the employee to specific health promotion resources including online sources
- With the employee’s input, develop a specific plan of action expected to help the employee maintain good health and/or improve the employee’s current health
- If needed, suggest a referral to the employee’s health care provider or to an appropriate physician.
iii. Weight Loss Program
- The weight loss group will meet for 1hr each week for weeks 6 weeks and then every other week for 7-12 weeks. Weekly sessions will be group discussions on personal stories and barriers to changing health behavior. Participants will be issued a FitBit™, which is a tri-axial accelerometer that measures physical activity and sleep patterns and provides daily online recording of data and feedback. Focus will be on three major areas, Exercise, Nutrition and Stress Management. Targeted interventions will be guided by PWP counselor’s report’s recommendations.
iv. Healthy Eating Educational Series
- Healthy nutrition presentations will be given at each client work site. For those client employees who are unable to attend, HAW can record the presentations and put them in podcast form so that employees can have access via computer.
v. On-Site Flu Shots
- Flu vaccinations can be scheduled at various central client locations or they can be scheduled for each of the client worksites.
vi. Stress Management and Substance Abuse
- HAW will coordinate with client Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for educational programs on stress management and substance abuse. As necessary, the HAW will make referrals to client EAP and specific wellness coaching by OU Wellness Nurses.
vii. Tobacco Cessation
- The OU Wellness coordinators will work directly with client employees in small groups and individually for education and evidenced based interventions for tobacco cessation. HAW will also make available the services of the OU Physicians clinic for medical management of tobacco cessation. For those employees who do not work in Tulsa these clinical services can be made available via OU Physicians Internet Telemedicine.
viii. Sleep and Health
- Insomnia or poor quality sleep has been associated with a significant economic burden. Sleep difficulty has been associated with fatigue, negative mood, and difficulty with memory and concentration. Chronic insomnia has been associated with reduced physical ability, impaired social performance, higher rates of absenteeism, presenteeism, and accidents at work. HAW will conduct presentations on the importance of sleep in maintaining good health. The presentations will include basic principles and biology of sleep, strategies for forming good sleeping habits, and a review of sleeping disorders and when to seek professional help.
ix. Annual Wellness Calendar
- On-going communication and a wide variety of health promotion activities are critical to sustaining healthy behaviors and creating a culture of wellness. HAW will collaborate with client and WFGs to develop a monthly schedule of activities for the whole year. Monthly topics should be coordinated with national health awareness month topics. (e.g., Breast Cancer for October)
x. Back Health Presentations
- Low back pain has been identified as one of the “top 10” most costly health conditions. OU Physical Therapy Department can provide educational materials and some targeted presentations on how to protect the back when at work or home. The program will focus on practical ways to decrease the incidence of back pain and dysfunction among client employees.

xi. Presentations and Screenings for Women’s Health
- Topics on women’s health issues will be presented by OU Physicians and/or the Wellness Coordinator. Presentations will cover issues such as pelvic pain, prenatal and newborn care, menopause and osteoporosis.
xii. Presentations on Disease Prevention
- Recommended presentations include: Overview of screenings/immunizations that are recommended for age/gender; How to manage high cholesterol; Risk factor modification to prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
xiii. Other Topics or Interventions
- HAW will accommodate requests for other health and wellness services as identified through client WFGs or Administration, and through ongoing assessment of client employees.