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Student Financial Center

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New! 2018 Student Financial Center Payment Guide

Enrollment and Student Financial Services is excited to announce the combination of student financial aid, scholarships, and bursar offices into one location...

Student Financial Center Buchanan Hall Room 216  (405) 325-9000 Office and phone lines open  9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday - Friday

On campus looking for the Bursar?
We're still in Buchanan Hall, but temporarily relocated. Room 105 is currently closed for remodel.
For help with your student account, financial aid, or scholarship questions please visit the staff in Room 216.

Want to make a payment?
Use the drop box in the first floor lobby of Buchanan Hall. Blue student payment envelopes are provided for this purpose. Please do not include cash. Your receipt will be sent to your OU email address, and thank you for your payment.

Brought a cash payment?
Take your cash to the OU Federal Credit Union, located in the Oklahoma Memorial Union. They will convert your cash into a cashier's check made out to OU, at no extra charge. Yep, we've tried to think of everything. Follow the "make a payment" instructions above and thank you for your payment.

Not sure where to start?
Call us at (405) 325-9000. Together, we'll figure out how best to serve you. Boomer Sooner!