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Alumni Scholars

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Alumni Scholars Program

Alumni Scholars is a prestigious group comprised of undergraduate students selected on the basis of academic accomplishment during their freshman year. No application is required for the Alumni Scholars program; rather, the OU Alumni Scholars committee will review all students who meet the eligibility requirements and determine awards.

Students who will be considered for the Alumni Scholars program are direct-from-high-school admits to OU. They must be full-time students, completing at least 12 hours in both of their freshman semesters. Additionally, students must earn a 3.75 GPA or better cumulative GPA at the end of their freshman spring semester to be considered for the program.

Students who currently hold continuing four-year scholarship awards will not be considered for the Alumni Scholars program. Students receiving OHLAP or Sooner Promise are also ineligible. If you are selected for an Alumni Scholars award, you will be notified by the OU Scholarship Office.

Alumni Scholars are awarded scholarships which, depending on funding, may be single year awards or may be renewable annually for a total of three years as long as the recipient fulfills the program requirements outlined below.  Scholarships given through the Alumni Scholars program are named in honor of generous alumni, donors and friends of the University of Oklahoma.

Program Requirements    
1. Enrollment – Alumni Scholars must be undergraduate students who enroll and complete at least 12 credit hours at OU each fall/spring semester and are continuously enrolled at OU during the duration of the scholarship term.

2. Grade Point Average – Alumni Scholars must maintain at least a 2.8 overall grade point average (GPA).

3. Thank You Letter – Alumni Scholars may be required to write a personal thank you letter to a generous donor who has contributed to the Alumni Scholars program. Failure to write the required thank you letter may result in forfeiture of the scholarship. 

Special Conditions
Alumni Scholars may be granted exceptions to the enrollment requirements listed above on a case-by-case basis.  If an Alumni Scholar cannot enroll in the full-time required hours due to medical or personal reasons, study abroad experiences, internships or because the student requires less than 12 hours to graduate, the student must complete this online special conditions form

In order to insure a timely award, Alumni Scholars that transfer to the OU Health Sciences Center to finish an undergraduate degree must notify the Scholarship Office through this online form

For more information on eligibility concerns, please contact the Scholarship Office at