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Trees and buildings on OU's campus in Norman, Oklahoma.

UReCA Vision

The Office of Undergraduate and Creative Activity (UReCA) at the University of Oklahoma was created in 2022 to help support undergraduate students who are involved, or wish to become involved, in any kind of research or creative activity.     

Undergraduate research and creative activity is an avenue for undergraduate students to explore their content area through active, process-driven learning. This learning could include inquiry, data analysis, study, or literature reviews that allow the student to continuously construct understanding about their field..

UReCA exists to serve undergraduate students, providing the entire undergraduate community at OU with open access to grow in knowledge, understanding, and collaboration.

UReCA provides financial support, mentorship, and presentation opportunities to undergraduate students of all disciplines who wish to engage in research and/or creative activity.

Provost's 2024 Summer UReCA Fellowships

Applications Due March 1, 2024

The Summer Fellowship is intended to provide support to enable students to perform undergraduate research and creative activity over a ten-week period during the summer.  The Summer Fellowships are open to all students in any discipline supervised by a faculty mentor. The research and creative activity performed over the summer should result in a thesis, journal article, presentation, show or performance that contributes to the creation and dissemination of knowledge and creative works.

Next UReCA Zoom Session is at 10am on Thursday, February 1, 2024

Access materials from Zoom information session (2023).

What Students are Saying...

"Researching as an undergrad has been highly valuable to creating opportunities and shaping how I see my future. The UReCA program has helped me to develop as an independent researcher during my time as an undergraduate. This has given me the freedom to explore and own my project from start to finish. UReCA has provided me and my lab with the resources we need so that I can be focused on learning and developing my project in the ways I want."

-Stephen K.

"I work at LMAMR on a multi-semester research project which focuses on polar bear conservation. Unsurprisingly, it is not easy to find comparative polar bear samples here in Oklahoma. With the funding from UReCA, I was provided the opportunity to work at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. as a visiting researcher. As someone from a low-income background, I never would have been afforded this opportunity without UReCA. This experience has allowed me to better understand what a career in research would look like for me. I would highly encourage future students to use the UReCA funding for their own unique experiences."

-Kaylee T.

"The UReCA fellowship allowed me to spend the summer at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. At the end of the summer I traveled to Maine and presented my findings at the Furbears workshop at the Marine Shoals lab in Maine. I am currently part of the UReCA ambassador program.  This program has also allowed me to be more involved on campus and spread the word about this fantastic opportunity."

-Sara W.

First Gen UReCA

Applications due April 15th, 2024

First UReCA offers financial support of $1,000 and essential resources to students who lack prior research or creative project experience, enabling them to undertake a project over the course of the semester. We welcome applications from students across all academic disciplines and actively promote collaboration in interdisciplinary endeavors.

Submit your application

Please submit a 2-page proposal that includes a personal statement, research questions/objectives, timeline, goals, and expected results. References do not count towards the 2-page limit. Additionally, include a letter of recommendation or support from your mentor. In your personal statement, explain why you are interested in pursuing your proposed research.

Dates and Deadlines

Summer Fellowship Information Session 2/1/2024
Writing Center Workshop2/8/2024 from 5-7 PM in Wagner Hall 280
UReCA Summer FellowshipApplication Due 3/1/2024
UReCA Showcase10/4/2024
First Gen UReCAApplication Due 4/15/2024
Undergraduate Research Day4/15/2024