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Outreach Services

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The UCC is committed to creating a community and environment that is psychologically safe for all students, faculty, and staff on campus. We take an active role in the primary prevention of mental health distress through our outreach efforts.

The UCC seeks to meet the following goals in out outreach efforts:

-Raise awareness about psychological issues
-Provide education about managing psychological issues
-Challenge ideas that contribute to social inequity, disempowerment, and discrimination
-Empower students, faculty and staff to find and use their voices in a healthy and productive way

The UCC offers several different outreach presentations to classrooms, student groups, and faculty and staff. Presentations can also be tailored made to fit the needs of any unique group on campus.

Ready-made Presentations

Mental Health Services at the UCC
Self Care
Test Anxiety
Stress Management
Coping with Anxiety and Depression
Imposter Syndrome
Mental Wellbeing for Women in STEM
Mental Health and Grad School
Recognizing and Supporting Students in Distress

Scheduling Outreach Presentations

Please allow approximately three weeks notice if you would like the UCC to present one of the above listed outreach presentations to your group.

Please allow for approximately one month notice if you would like the UCC to tailor make an outreach presentation for your group.

Requests for presentations should be directed to Dr. Brittany Stewart by calling our front desk at (405)-325-2911 or emailing her at