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About Us

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About Us

We consider hope as the theory of change required for individuals, families, organizations and whole communities.  Too further explain our work, we provide several services listed below.

Hope Research:

Program services are pathways of hope.  We design and collect hope centered program evaluation and applied research projects customized to the needs of the organization.  This hope centered research is focused on evaluating and improving program services to achieve client outcomes.

Staff & Leadership Training:

Hope is a psychological strength that enables individuals, families, and community to thrive.  Our training presents the science of Hope as the psychological mindset that drives resilient behaviors.  In particular this training teaches how (1) hope predicts adaptive outcomes, (2) hope buffers the effects of adversity, and (3) hope can be influenced and sustained.  This training provides “hands-on” tools to both assess and nurture hope for both children and adults.  

Building Hopeful Communities:

Having high levels of Hope improves coping skills, buffers against stress, predicts achievement, enhances positive relationships, and promotes healthy adaptive behaviors and resiliency. Research tells us that Hope is a leading indicator of success in relationships, academics, career, and business.

Keynote & Plenary Presentations:

The power of hope is based upon your ability to understand the way things are, and to imagine the way things could be.  We provide keynote and plenary presentations and workshops to share both the science and power of hope.  Presentations can be customized to meet the objectives of the conference as well as the needs of the participants.