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ECEI launches effort to become an anti-racist workplace

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Picture has the word racism circled and crossed out.

ECEI Participates in Learning Sessions on Anti-Racism

Last month, when the ECEI joined the chorus of voices calling for change and declaring that “Black Lives Matter,” we pledged to begin working toward rooting out systemic racism, bias, and injustice.

As part of that effort, our full staff recently wrapped up a series of three study-and-share sessions on becoming an anti-racist workplace. The sessions provided our team with foundational knowledge regarding the ways that anti-Black racism shows up in our own thinking as well as in our society.

The interactive sessions concluded with each team member making an individual commitment to take action in the next month to continue their journey towards being anti-racist.

The anti-racism workgroup that led the first initiative is seeking input from team members and leaders at OU to lay out a plan for a review of current ECEI structures and systems to identify and correct items that may be inadvertently manifesting systemic racism in the workplace.

The ECEI’s Equity workgroup also continues to prepare a series of sessions for our team that will be held throughout the 2020-21 academic year to consider how the ECEI’s research intersects with social inequities by race, ethnicity, home language, immigration status, poverty, geography, and disability.