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Community Health Patients


Your Safety
At each clinic, patient safety is our first concern. Should you feel unsafe in our clinics, please inform a staff member immediately.

Your Responsibilities
Patients are expected to follow recommended treatment plans and be accountable for their care.  Patients are responsible for their actions, should the recommended treatment be refused or the treatment plan not followed.

To ensure the best possible care, please bring the following to your clinic visits:

    Please ask questions!
    Bring a list of questions with you to each visit, and plant to actively participate in your treatment.
  • Family Members
    Please bring a family member with you to help with questions, concerns, and follow-up instructions.Patients, families and/or guardians are responsible for taking action to understand the recommended course of treatment and what is expected of them.
  • Medical History
    Please provide a complete medical history to ensure proper care.Patients are responsible for providing accurate, complete information to Bedlam staff on any matter relating to their health.Bring all information about your present medical condition, past illnesses, surgeries and hospitalizations.
  • Allergy Information
    It is essential that you provide information on all food and drug allergies.
  • All Medication Information
    Patients are required to bring ALL medications to every appointment.
  • Emergency Contact Information
    Patients must provide accurate personal and emergency contact information, and provide all insurance information


Proof of ID - Drivers licence, employee ID card, etc.
Proof of Insurance - If applicable
Emergency Contact Information - Name, phone number(s), etc.
All Medications in Original Container - Over the counter and prescription