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Vaccines and Masking

Getting Vaccinated at OU

The university requires all employees to be fully vaccinated by Jan. 4, 2022. Find out how to get vaccinated at OU.

Vaccine Information

Masking in the Classroom

On Aug. 30, 2021, Provost Wright announced that the university has determined that should there be a confirmed COVID-19 positive case in class, the class will continue meeting in-person, but masking will be mandated for 2 weeks during the quarantine period. For more information, visit the OU Masking Protocols page.

The updated Masking Resolution Policy (.pdf) outlines the 123 PPE De-escalation Process, including the steps of 1) Announce, 2) Address, and 3) Act, as well as the Accountability Process.

Student Conduct Process Quick Reference Guide (.pdf): A simple guide to how the Student Conduct process works.

PowerPoint slides (.pptx) explaining masking during a quarantine period can be shown at the beginning of class to remind students of the policy and the need to comply before class begins.

Video Message from President Harroz: Masking Expected at OU

President Harroz’s recent video urges students to mask in class. Please feel free to share this in your classrooms as a friendly encouragement to our students.



Masking Expected at OU

The university expects community members to mask indoors, and masking is strongly encouraged for all individuals in high-density settings, such as classrooms and at special events.

Masking Protocols


Instructional Guidance

As one component of the effort to provide support and flexibility surrounding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on faculty productivity, tenure-track faculty who have been employed since January 1, 2021, may request a one-year extension of the probationary period prior to tenure and promotion evaluation. The completed application is due to the Provost’s Office any time before April 1 of the academic year preceding the faculty member’s mandatory tenure and promotion review.

Faculty Instructional Continuity Guidance for In-Person Courses

Planning for instructional continuity should address the potential for students and/or instructors to be absent due to quarantining or illness or for a shift to online class format during the semester. These recommendations should be considered to the extent possible given the nature and format of each course.

Read the Instructional Continuity Guidance


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OU COVID-19 Guidance