The Brothers of Omega Delta Phi not only run an outstanding organization, but more importantly, we are a family.  Our Brothers come from all walks of life, creeds, and color.  Our common thread is the Prospective Member Program where we all began.  From there, we have spawned unending friendships and a flourishing fraternity.

If you are skeptical or wary of the aforementioned, then you are wise to do so.  Also, you are most likely the type of man that we are searching for.  ODPhi is looking for smart, motivated individuals, not drones.

Endeavoring to find yourself in a school of thousands is nothing less than daunting.  To commit yourself to a lifelong Brotherhood is a journey for even fewer men.

So if you wish to excel academically, build steadfast bonds with others like you, give back to those in need, blaze the trail for future collegians, and be one of the few who proudly wear the Scarlet and Silver.... then maybe ODPhi is for you.

Take some time out of your schedule, satisfy your curiosity, and see if you have what it takes to be a Knight...

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