The URC is comprised of four competition missions and the System Acceptance Review (SAR).
The SAR and missions are worth 100 points each with a total of 500 points and contribute to the final ranking of the competition. All teams are required to submit a SAR by Friday, March 3, 2023. The SAR demonstrates REMI’s systems/sub-systems’ abilities to perform each of the missions, the overall system design, and our progress in completing a final system. The SAR consists of a written and video component and is a competition milestone in which submissions will be judged and ranked, determining qualification for the on-field competition in Utah.
This video is our submission for last year’s SAR, in which 36 of the highest-scoring teams were invited to compete.

If you would like to join the team, general body meetings are held every other week -- time and place to be determined.
The sub teams meet:
CS team: TBD
Electrical: TBD
Mechanical: TBD
Science: TBD

  • Benton Smith

            Rawl Engineering Practice Facility (REPF)

            850 S Jenkins Ave

            Norman, OK 73019