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About Sooner Sense

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About Sooner Sense

What is Sooner Sense?

Sooner Sense is the debit account that all Sooner Card holders can utilize for financial transactions across campus. Sooner Sense is convenient and easy to use. All funds are tied to the cardholder’s account and accessed by swiping or tapping the Sooner Card at select locations.  

Where can Sooner Sense be used?

Sooner Sense can be used campus-wide at locations such as:

Making a Deposit

Sooner Card Online is the fastest, most convenient way to make a deposit to your Sooner Sense account. Follow the link below to log into Sooner Card Online using your 4x4 and password then click the “Add Money” link. It's that simple!

You can also deposit funds to your Sooner Sense account through the Transact eAccounts mobile app for iOS and Android. 

*You will need to login to the Sooner Card Online web portal initially to setup your credit/debit card before making your first deposit via the mobile app.

To pay with credit, debit, or Apple Pay, please use the link below

Sooner Card Online

Transact eAccounts

eAccounts is the mobile version of Sooner Card Online. eAccounts provides all of the benefits of using Sooner Card Online and the convenience of logging in and managing your account on the go. Just download the eAccounts app and get started with mobile managing today!