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Your Sooner Card

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Your Sooner Card

What is a Sooner Card?

The Sooner Card is the University of Oklahoma’s official identification card for students, faculty and staff. The Sooner Card features the cardholder’s full legal name, sooner ID number, picture, and affiliation with the University (if applicable).

What can I do with my Sooner Card?

Your Sooner Card connects you to the University of Oklahoma. With your Sooner Card, you can:

  • Access many campus buildings, including the residence halls
  • Enjoy fine dining around campus
  • Receive education discounts online
  • Attend athletic events
  • Workout at the Sarkeys Fitness Center
  • Swim at the Murray Case Sells Swim Complex
  • Access the laundry facilities
  • Check-out books at the Bizzell Memorial Library
  • Utilize campus-wide IT Practice Spaces
  • Print at Sooner Print kiosks (powered by WEPA)
  • Purchase books and course materials online
  • Pickup mail at the Student Post Office
  • Clock-in/out at your on-campus student job

Obtaining a Sooner Card

For information on obtaining your Sooner Card, click here.