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Contractor Sooner Card Request Form

Contractor Sooner Cards are for individuals who work with but are not paid by the University of Oklahoma. This form needs to be completed by an individual who is a full time employee of the University of Oklahoma and sponsors the contractor while he/she is working with the university. Contractor Sooner Cards are $10.00 and may be paid for by the cardholder or by the sponsoring department using a department account code.

Contractor Sooner Card Request Form (PDF)

Online/Distant Learner Sooner Card Request Form

Sooner Cards must be obtained in person at the Sooner Card office. In the unique circumstance that an individual is unable to visit the Sooner Card office in person, an exception may be made at the sole discretion of the Sooner Card office. Advanced Programs, OU Extended Campus College of Professional and Continuing Studies, and other distance learners are examples of students that may be eligible to obtain their Sooner Card through the completion of this form. Please contact your academic advisor to complete this form. These Sooner Cards are $30.00 and will be charged to the student’s bursar account.

Exception Sooner Card Request Form (PDF)

Sooner Sense Refund Request

When a cardholder leaves the university, he/she may request a Sooner Sense refund using this form. The cardholder must have a balance of at least $10.00 in order to receive a refund. Prior to disbursement, refunded moneys will be paid against any outstanding balance on the cardholder’s bursar account. Any remaining funds will be issued to the cardholder in the form of a check and mailed to the cardholder’s permanent address on file with the university.

Sooner Sense Refund Request (PDF)

Sooner Card Reader Check-Out Form

Sooner Card event attendance readers may be checked out, at no cost, to university departments and registered student organizations. The Sooner Card readers must be returned to the Sooner Card office no later than one business day following the event date.

Sooner Card Reader Check-Out Form (PDF)

Transact System Access Request

For information on requesting access to the Transact system, please email