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9 Things to Know About Money

9 Things to Know About Money

Students need to get the most out of every dollar they can get their hands on. Understanding the concepts of the “9 Things” will help students navigate the increasingly troubled financial waters of obtaining your college degree.

"The key is not having the most money, but using the money you do have most wisely."  

Brad Burnett
Associate Vice President
Enrollment & Student Financial Services

Nine Things Every College Student Should Know About Money

  1. You've Got To Have A Plan! 
    Determine needs vs. wants.

  2. Hey, You Got A Dollar I Can Borrow? 
    Three types of loans that impact most students and graduates.

  3. Charge!!! 
    Credit cards, understanding revolving credit. 

  4. They Are Watching. 
    What is a credit score?

  5. If It Sounds Too Good To Be True...... 
    A look at get-rich-quick scams.

  6. Appearances Can Be Deceiving. 
    Understanding your paycheck.

  7. The Most Important Bill You Need to Pay Is Yourself. 
    Learn how to pay yourself first. 

  8. The Younger, The Better. 
    When should you start saving? 

  9. So You Want To Be A Millionaire? 
    The Rule of 72 concept.  

Take the 9 Things class!

9 Things About Money & College is a 2 credit-hour course offered by University College that is open to all OU students. It is available as a 16-week, 8-week or winter/spring course. Designed to give students basic knowledge of personal finance and money management, 9 Things covers topics such as saving, credit cards, investing, credit scores, buying a home, and other monetary issues that directly affect college students and graduates. The goal of the course is to develop financially literate students who will be fiscally secure today and tomorrow.

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