Active Teams (2021-2022)


Spring 22 Meeting Time:
Tuesday/Thursday 6-8pm

Captain: Jorge Exinia

Competition Website

MRDC is an annual competition held by the University of Illinois.

MRDC is the best competition for beginners at SCR, but still has many interesting design considerations.


Spring 22 Meeting Times:

Captain: Tyler Julian

Competition Website

IGVC, the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition, is held in the early summer each year. This competition is all about creating autonomous robots that can navigate a course with lanes and obstacles. The robots built for this competition must be able to use many advanced robotics techniques like localization, planning, and computer vision to guide the robot through the lanes and around the obstacles.

IGVC is the most advanced competition we compete in at SCR, requiring strong mechanical, electrical, and software skills. Our IGVC robot is also our biggest robot we build, so the mechanical and electrical teams must deal with problems such as weight-strength compromises, torque requirements, battery capabilities, and much more.

Past Teams


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Mercury was an annual competition held by Oklahoma State University. The Mercury competition features teleoperated robots that must navigiate a defined course while completing one or more tasks.


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NRC was our team for the annual National Robotics Challenge. We competed in the Autonomous Vehicle Challenge (AVC) competition where we had to build a robot that could autonomously navigate a small course as fast as possible.


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IEEE was our team for the annual IEEE Robotics Challenge. The competition usually featured autonomous robots that needs to complete several specific tasks on a map.


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Sumobot was our team for the annual Sumobot competition at RoboGames. In Sumobot, team robots face off against each other with the objective of pushing the other robot outside a ring.


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Robomagellan was our team for the annual Robomagellan competition at RoboGames. The competition required an autonomous robot that could navigate using GPS to hit cones on a path as fast as possible.


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ASEE was our team for the ASEE annual robotics competition limited to only first and second year students. The competition featured autonomous robots that must complete one or more tasks.


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KIPR was our team for the KIPR annual robotics challenge featuring multiple categories. We competed in the Aerial and Open categories, winning multiple times.