Who we are

Founded in 2013, Sooner Competitive Robotics is the largest robotics organization and one of the largest competitive teams at the University of Oklahoma. We compete in robotics competitions across the nation encompassing a variety of unique challenges.


The mission of Sooner Competitive Robotics is to represent the University of Oklahoma Gallogly College of Engineering by winning robotics competitions.

At SCR, we want to build a reputation of victory through success at the competitions we attend. Each of our teams strives to perform their best in order to achieve this goal.
As an organization, we know success is impossible to attain without professionalism. We believe that knowledge and teaching are core to achieving the best results at competitions, so as a team it is crucial to maintain good documentation of all our processes. As information is passed down to newer members, it is important to raise the awareness of robotics for future members of SCR.
Sooner Competitive Robotics provides a project-based learning experience for all of its members. One goal of our organization is to make this learning as effective as possible. We believe that each member's learning experience at SCR is not only a positive feedback to the team, but also for the student themselves.
SCR strives to spread the knowledge of STEM and robotics to the surrounding community. Introducing pre-college students to robotics and empowering them to pursue degrees in science, technology, engineering or mathematics is one of our organization's goals.
As a team, we want to branch out and challenge ourselves. We want to be able to compete at increasingly higher levels, with more difficult challenges to face. By growing, we enhance the team's reputation while also learning more as students.