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COVID-19 Safeguards and Guidelines for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

All University of Oklahoma faculty, staff, students, visitors, and vendors must adhere to the University of Oklahoma Norman Campus COVID-19 Phase IV Return Plan and information posted to the OU Together website. As additional information about COVID-19 emerges, policies and protocols may be updated. The University reserves the right to update and/or change these guidelines at any time.



In accordance with the CDC guidance, OU has eliminated its social distancing protocols in all areas except patient care and clinical research participant settings, making way for a resumption of in-person classes at regular capacity. The university will use the summer to phase back to normal classroom capacities

Third-Party Events and Activities – Third parties may resume hosting events in university facilities following pre-COVID protocols. In accordance with CDC guidance, the university recommends COVID-19 vaccination for anyone participating in events on OU property.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, in instituting its COVID-19 protocols, the University of Oklahoma has monitored guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control. Taking into consideration the CDC’s recent guidance on masking, recent state law changes, and Oklahoma’s record low case counts of COVID-19, OU has lifted its mask requirement for all three campuses, with limited exceptions.

The university strongly recommends masking for all unvaccinated individuals when inside OU's academic, athletic, housing, and administrative facilities. Unvaccinated individuals are strongly encouraged to become vaccinated and may do so through OU Health Services, at no cost to them.

  1. Masking requirements will be limited to the following groups and settings:
    • All individuals in patient-facing settings, including clinical research participant areas and facilities where patient care is a primary function
      • OU Health Sciences Center programs will coordinate masking requirements with hospital and clinic partners, as appropriate
    • Transit buses and shuttles due to Department of Transportation mandates
  2. Those individuals who are required to wear a mask inside OU facilities must wear fabric or disposable surgical-style face masks that cover the individual’s nose and mouth. Bandanas, scarves, gaiters, buffs, and the like are not acceptable. Non-medical grade masks that have exhalation valves with or without filters (such as this) may not be worn on campus unless a surgical-style mask is worn over it.
  3. Anyone who wishes to mask indoors or outdoors may freely do so.
  1. Building Access – Access to campus buildings has returned to normal operations.
  2. Goddard Health Center – Goddard Health Center is open during normal operating hours of Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Hours and availability of certain services may be limited or change depending on staff availability during the COVID-19 response. Many visits can be accomplished through online telehealth visits, but staff are available in the office to address those needs that can’t be accomplished remotely. Masking is required inside Goddard Health Center. To discuss the best option for scheduling an appointment, call (405) 325-4441. For more information, click here.

A Special Event is defined as:

  • Activities proposed to take place on University property which alters the property’s ordinary use and/or involves the erecting or placement of tents, structures, platforms, inflatables, fixed equipment, automotive vehicles, aircraft, or other mobile craft in an effort to assemble persons for the purposes of live entertainment/performances, celebrations, attractions, participation, races, walks, runs, parades, fairs, festivals, rides, competitions, sponsored outdoor catered events, and similar occasions.
  • Events proposed to take place on University property that contain any of the following: third party vendors[1], contracts, large structures or inflatables, animals, an outdoor space larger than 10’x10’, or other risk factors.  
  • All proposed Special Events are required to go through the OU Special Events Committee approval process, unless otherwise approved by Campus Scheduling or the Director of Risk Management. The Special Events Request Form must be submitted at least 15 days prior to the requested event date. All relevant information for the event shall be provided in the application. Any additional information requested by an appropriate University authority shall be provided upon request.

[1] A third party vendor is a company or entity with whom the organization has a written agreement with to provide a product or service on behalf of your organization to your customer, participants, attendees, etc.

All employees, visitors, and students will comply with the travel guidance maintained here.