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Rooms and Amenities

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Rooms and Amenities

Located at the southwest corner of Jenkins Avenue and Lindsey Street, Headington College and Dunham College each house over 300 residents in a variety of room types. The colleges feature an award-winning design influenced by the Cherokee Gothic style featured on several buildings throughout the campus.

Headington College and Dunham College were designed as living/learning communities, building close bonds between the residents, faculty and staff. There are three main types of spaces in each college: living spaces, learning spaces, and, most importantly, community spaces. Details about these spaces in Headington College are below.

Students can choose from five different room styles in Headington College. For a full list of floorplans types and prices, please visit

For information about appliances, furniture, and decorating, please refer to the Housing and Residence Life Community Living Guide.

For a full list of the furniture that comes with the various room types in the Residential Colleges, please visit 

For additional information about appliances, furniture, and decorating guidelines, please refer to the OU Housing & Residence Life Community Living Guide.

For a full list of room and furniture dimensions in the Residential Colleges, please visit 

For additional information about appliances, furniture, and decorating, please refer to the OU Housing & Residence Life Community Living Guide.

Note: Items marked with an asterisk (*) are estimates based on model rooms. Your assigned room layout and measurements may vary. 

Each floor has spa-style community bathrooms and showers for residents that are cleaned and maintained by our custodial team. The bathrooms and showers feature floor-to-ceiling lockable doors, and the showers have private, built-in dressing areas. Additionally, floors 2 – 5 each have a single bathroom with a shower for guests, and for residents who aren’t comfortable using the community bathrooms.

Some rooms and suites come with a private bathroom. For details, please visit or click HERE.

The Laundry Room is in the basement of Headington College and residents can access it by the elevator and stairs. Courtesy laundry baskets are provided for residents if they need to remove another person’s laundry from a washer/dryer, and a Laundry Lost & Found is available for clothing and linens that have been left in the laundry room for several days. Please see the welcome guide or FAQ page for more information about laundry. 

The basements of the Residential Colleges are also FEMA-rated storm shelters and are large enough for all of the residents and staff of the college. Information about severe weather procedures is posted around the college and in the rooms of all residents, and can also be found in the OU Housing & Residence Life Community Living Guide

The Headington College dining hall and servery is located on ground floor of the building and offers a variety of healthy and delicious choices to meet the diverse tastes and dietary needs of the student population. Dining hall hours are posted at the entrance and may vary depending on events and holidays/campus breaks.

The dining hall is open to the public and accepts cash, credit card, meal exchanges, meal points, Sooner Cents, and departmental charges. If you have any dietary restrictions or need other dining accommodations, please contact the Operations Manager, Doug Milliken, at

The Private Dining Room is located in the Dining Hall and is frequently used for events such as Lunch & Learns, Senior Fellow Dinners, department retreats, lecture series, and student-led programs.

The Private Dining Room is available by reservation for meals and events. There no charge to reserve the Private Dining Room, but catering is restricted to University Catering. Contact for details.

Located in Headington College, the Boren Library is a gift of Margaret McDermott, the Helmerich Foundation, and Molly Shi and David Boren. 

The library is located on the ground floor next to the front living room and contains a wide selection of books published by University Press, study and reference guides, books on leadership and professional development, classic works of literature, and resident/faculty/staff favorites. Our online catalogue can be found here:

Use of the library is intended for reading, studying, and other quiet activities. Please keep conversations quiet and use headphones or earbuds when watching videos and listening to music.

The music room is located on the ground floor in room D123. This room features an upright piano, music stands, reference books, sheet music, and other equipment. Some additional instruments and a beginner recording system can be checked out from the front desk.

Event and professional sound equipment is available for any residents who would like to organize musical performances or programs. Contact for details.

The Meditation Room is located on the ground floor in room D133. This room is designed for those seeking a space for meditation, reflection, prayer, privacy, and quiet thinking. Please do not disturb others while they are using this room.

The Game Room is located on the ground floor by the dining hall and has a pool table, chess, and a wide selection of board and card games for residents and guests to enjoy. A ping pong table and electric dartboard are available in the basement.

Residents and guests are welcome to borrow the games for use in other areas of the college, but please return them to the game room afterwards.

The Senior Fellow Lounge is outside of the Senior Fellow Family’s apartment, next to the Music Room, and is often used for social and academic events hosted by the Senior Fellow Family. It’s also highly rated among residents for studying, napping, and movie marathons. 

The Creative Commons is located on the east wing of the ground floor in room D125 and is accessed with your keycard. A variety of equipment and materials are available in the Creative Commons for residents to use, including computers,  art and crafts supplies, tools, a sewing machine, basic office supplies, and more. 

Please review user information and policies posted in front of and inside the Creative Commons, and contact the Creative Commons Director if you need assistance.

Headington College has a classroom that seats 24 (HRC D127), a seminar room that seats 16 (HRC D125), and a conference room that seats 8 (HRC D106). Each of these rooms features large windows with roller shades, audio/visual equipment, and dry erase boards. 

These rooms host a variety of classes for OU students each semester, and regularly scheduled classes have first priority on booking these spaces. Two weeks after classes start each semester, these rooms can be reserved for other events and programs. This gives Classroom Management time to move classes around as necessary to accommodate class sizes or equipment requirements before we start reserving classroom space for other uses.

For additional information about reserving HRC D127, HRC D125, or HRC D106, please contact

Study rooms, reading nooks, and TV lounges are located on each floor of Headington College, and provide a variety of ways for residents and guests to study, relax, and build relationships with each other.