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Frequently Asked Questions

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Headington College is located at the southwest corner of Jenkins Ave and Lindsey Street, across the street from the Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Football Stadium, and to the west of Headington Hall.

Headington College
200 West Lindsey Street
Norman, OK 73019
Phone: (405) 325-6315

Front Desk Hours
Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Any OU student can apply to live in OU's Residential Colleges. Headington College and Dunham College, are smaller communities that offer students personal interaction with each other and with faculty members in a way that forges a link between living and learning. 

To apply, visit or contact Housing and Food Services:

HFS Office
1406 Asp Ave., Rm. 126
Norman, Oklahoma 73019
Phone: (405) 325-2511
Toll-Free: (888) 416-9524

Headington College and Headington Hall are two different on-campus living options for students. While these facilities are both named after OU alumnus Tim Headington, they are totally independent from each other. 

Sure the similar names can be confusing at times. However, if you accidentally find yourself in Headington College when you are looking for Headington Hall, they are conveniently located across the street from us!

To learn more about Headington Hall please click HERE.

The University of Oklahoma has two Residential Colleges, Headington College and Dunham College. They provide an intimate and supportive community designed to promote the social, intellectual, and personal growth of OU undergraduates. 

While Headington and Dunham College are very similar architecturally, they are governed individually with their own Senior Fellow families, staff, and College Councils. Each college has its own unique traditions and communities created by their residents, as well as separate programming and events. 

To learn more about life in Headington and Dunham, we encourage you to visit or schedule a tour. 

Resident Parking
Priority Housing Permit Parking is available behind the Headington and Dunham College and in the Jenkin's Parking Garage.

Visitor Parking
Paid meter parking is available directly behind Headington College. Single-day visitor parking permits are available online at

Disability and Reserved/Tow-Away Parking Spots
Disability and Reserved/Tow-Away parking spots require the display of appropriate parking permits. Failure to pay attention to parking signs may result in your vehicle being ticketed or towed by Parking Services.

Football Game Parking
Due to the location of the football stadium, parking behind Headington/Dunham College and access to the Jenkins Parking Garage may be restricted the evening before and the day of any home football games. Parking Services will share additional gameday parking details instructions in advance.

Bicycle & Scooter Parking
Bicycle racks are located behind Headington College for bikes and scooters. 

For additional information about commuting and parking on campus, please refer to the OU Housing & Residence Life Community Living Guide or contact OU Parking Services

OU Parking Services
1332 Jenkins Ave.
Norman, OK 73019-2451
(405) 325-3311

Yes! The laundry room is in the basement of Headington College and is accessible by the elevators and the stairs next to the elevators. Residents need to provide their own detergents. A garment steamer and ironing board are available to check out from the front desk.

Residents will have credits for eight (8) laundry cycles preloaded to their Sooner Card each week (4 wash, and 4 dry). One additional dollar for drying credit is also available in case students need it, and courtesy laundry baskets are provided for residents if they need to remove another person’s laundry from a washer/dryer.

Students can choose from five different room styles in Headington College. A complete furniture list and room and furniture dimensions (including mattresses) can be found by clicking on the Rooms and Amenities tab on the homepage or by clicking HERE.

Residents are responsible for supplying their own linens and toiletries. For a full list of floorplans types and prices, please visit

Personal Furniture
Residents are allowed to bring personal furniture items as long as they align with our policies. Furniture provided by the University cannot be removed from your assigned room. 

Refrigerators and Microwaves
One refrigerator and one microwave are allowed per room. Residents are encouraged to coordinate with any roommates on these purchases.

Electrical Appliances
The following electrical appliances are allowed:

  • Desk lamps (non-halogen lamps only)
  • Refrigerators and microwaves
  • Clocks, radios, stereos, and televisions
  • Computers, scanners, and printers
  • Keurigs and other coffee makers that do not contain a hot plate
  • Electric blankets, hair tools, garment steamers, and irons, electric shavers, and toothbrushes 

For additional details about furniture, appliances, and decorations please refer to the OU Housing & Residences Life Community Living Page.

Resident rooms in Headington and Dunham College DO NOT come with coaxial cable wall outlets. INSTEAD, cable television is provided to students through Cox Contour and their individual OU campus network connection.

"Contour on Campus" is the new OU campus-wide streaming Cox cable television service. Cable television is now provided to students through their individual OU campus network connections. In some cases, you will need to contact Cox yourself to request cable and it is out of your own pocket. Your RA or another staff member can help you with this and Cox knows the procedures. 

Yes! The Headington College dining hall and servery is located on ground floor of the building and offers a variety of delicious choices to meet the diverse tastes and dietary needs of the student population. Dining hall hours are posted at the entrance and may vary depending on events and holidays/campus breaks.

The dining hall is open to the public and accepts cash, credit card, meal exchanges, meal points, Sooner Cents, and departmental charges. If you have any dietary restrictions or need other dining accommodations, please contact the Operations Manager, Doug Milliken, at

Yes! The basements of Headington College and Dunham College are FEMA-rated storm shelters and are large enough for all of the residents and staff of each college. Information about severe weather procedures is posted around the college and in the rooms of all residents, and can also be found in the OU Housing & Residence Life Community Living Guide.