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In both the pre-award and post award phases of a grant, there are many compliance items that must be met during the lifecycle of the award. Below are links to the various university offices that may be involved with compliance for research proposals. ORS will also assist in coordinating with Legal should aspects of your negotiations or agreements call for their involvement.

Prior to proposal routing, the PI needs to obtain clearance from the Institutional Biosafety Committee/Environmental Health and Safety Office (sometimes done together) and the Radiation Safety Office (if you indicate DNA, biohazards, or radioisotopes being involved in your research). This is done every time a proposal is submitted and is proposal specific.

At proposal submission, most sponsors allow indication of ‘Pending’ for IRB- and IACUC-related items, and the approval for those is done prior to awards being finalized (be sure to confirm in guidelines). Sponsors that allow submission of Pending may also have requirements for other related documents on human or animal research as part of the submission package.