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The University is aware of proposed amendments to Department of Education regulations scheduled to take effect July 1, 2024. At this time, we continue to operate under current policies related to transcript withholding for outstanding balances.

OU Norman Campus Transcript

The University of Oklahoma has authorized Parchment to provide official transcripts in electronic (PDF) and printed format. 

OU Health Sciences Center Transcript

Students who attended or are currently attending the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center should order transcripts through OUHSC's Admissions and Records Office.

Oklahoma Junior College

The University of Oklahoma has accepted custody of the academic records for Oklahoma Junior College

Ordering Transcripts

  • To order official transcript(s) in electronic (PDF) or printed format, log in to Parchment
  • Parchment's website lists step by step instructions to place orders, including delivery options and fees.  
  • All major credit cards are accepted as payment.  Credit cards are only charged after the order has been completed.  Processing fees are charged per transcript recipient.
  • There is no limit on the amount of transcripts that can be ordered.
  • Electronic (PDF) transcripts are sent the same day they are ordered unless there are impending holds/record matching delays.
  • Email updates are provided for each order placed through Parchment.  Users can also track transcript orders online with a Parchment account or the Document ID.
  • Email confirmation is sent at the time the request is made. Another email will be sent when the transcript is processed.

If you are in the campus area, you can get a copy of your OU transcript in person at the Office of the Registrar in Buchanan Hall, 1000 Asp Ave., Room 230. Photo ID is required. Business hours are
Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Main Campus Students:

Office of the Registrar- Academic Records
1000 Asp Ave., Room 230
Norman, OK 73019-4076
Fax: (405) 325-7047
Phone: (405) 325-4147

Tulsa Campus Students:

Student Enrollment Center
OU-Tulsa campus
4502 E 41st St Rm 1C114
Tulsa OK 74133
FAX: (918) 660-3361
PH: (918) 660-3474

Note: If you have an outstanding financial obligation to the University, your transcript cannot be processed until that has been satisfied through the appropriate office. If your account has a hold, the University will notify you at that time.

Current students can view and print unofficial transcripts through their accounts unless a financial hold exists.

Former students are not able to obtain unofficial transcripts.

The Office of the Registrar will provide up to three notarized documents for a $10 service charge. Payment can be made online on the Registrar Marketplace with any major credit card. 

If the notarized documents are required for apostille purposes, keep in mind that the student must make arrangements to have the notarized documents sent to the Oklahoma Secretary of State. More information on the apostille process is available on the Oklahoma Secretary of State website.

Transcript FAQs

You can access your unofficial transcript by logging in to your account, clicking the Academics tab, and clicking the “view unofficial transcript” link on the right side of the page. 

Keep in mind that only current students can access unofficial transcripts; former students whose One accounts are no longer active must obtain official transcripts instead. 


You have two options: you can order online through Parchment to obtain either a printed or electronic transcript, or you can come into our office at 1000 Asp Avenue, Room 230, Norman, OK 73019 Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with a photo ID to obtain a printed transcript.  

See the Electronic PDF and Printed Transcripts section above for more information. Keep in mind that if you have a hold on your transcript, we may not be able to release your transcript even if you come in person. Feel free to contact us via phone at 405-325-4147 or via email at to determine whether your hold will impact our ability to release your transcript. 

Please refer to the Student Account Holds page, navigate to the type of hold, and contact the department that manages that hold. We cannot lift holds placed by another department. 

Parchment will email you at the email address you provided when your order has been received and when it has been processed. You may have to check your junk email folder to find the emails. 

Electronic (PDF) transcripts are sent the same day they are ordered unless there are holds or record matching delays. Record matching delays are usually handled within 2-3 business days.  

Check the Academic Calendar to find the final grade due date – generally your grades will show up on your transcript by the end of that day or the next day. Please refer to your unofficial transcript to view your grades. 

If your grade for a course still isn’t showing, you can reach out to your instructor to confirm whether they have posted grades.  

We begin rolling GPAs within a week after final grades are due. You will be able to check your GPA on your unofficial transcript. 

If transfer work has been loaded to your transcript, you will be able to view it at the top of your unofficial transcript. You will see the coursework loaded by term, with the institution and the course listed for each individual term. 

Congratulations on this wonderful achievement! Colleges must work to clear students and verify that they met degree requirements before degrees can be awarded. As soon as the college provides a list of cleared students to our office, we begin working to award those degrees on the students’ transcripts.  

Generally, you can expect to see your degree on your transcript within 5-6 weeks following your graduation. Before ordering an official transcript, double-check your unofficial transcript to be sure it says “degree awarded” and shows your degree award date. Once you see that, your degree will also be reflected on your official transcript.