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OU Mailing Services

Departmental Services

Norman Campus departments, use your chartfield spread for postage by utilizing the new Central Mail Voucher. Starting April 1st, Central Mail will not be able to process outgoing mail without this required form.

Download Voucher


Email with any additional questions.

Incoming U.S. Mail is delivered by the USPS each morning, Monday through Saturday (excluding federal holidays). The mail is then sorted and delivered to each department according to our route schedule on the day it is received.

Central Mail sorts mail according to department name not individual name.

Personal parcels received at Central Mail will not be delivered. Departments should inform personnel that receipt of personal mail in the office is to be discouraged.

In order for Central Mail to charge departments for postage, departments are required to follow the guidelines set forth by the Administrative Guide to Services below.

  • All University mail must have a University of Oklahoma return address or it will be returned to the department.
  • Any official University mail to have U.S. postage affixed by Central Mail that does not have the account number indicated on each envelope should be bundled and have the account to be charged identified on the top piece or a separate piece of paper.

Outgoing mail will be sorted by the guidelines set forth by the Administrative Guide to Services below.

  • All mail to be picked up by Central Mail should be faced (meaning all envelopes placed where the address may be read without turning them over and/or  upside down).
  • On-campus mail, stamped outgoing mail and mail to have postage affixed should be separated and each group rubber banded together.
  • Mail received in a department for delivery elsewhere on campus should be marked with the corrected address and rubber banded together.