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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you are not expected to speak a foreign language. What sets Price College's study abroad programs apart from others is that the classes at each of these universities will be taught entirely in English.

You can earn 3, 6 or 9 credit hours in business and experience the culture and excitement of a foreign country.

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Absolutely! Courses will only run from Monday through Thursday to allow for travel and activities outside the classroom. Besides coursework, students will have the opportunity to tour local companies, take trips to other cities and areas of the country, visit museums and other attractions, and be introduced to local foods and cultural traditions. Each program organizes these trips and the cost is already included in the price of the program. You will also have the ability to organize your own weekend travel during a preset "free weekend."

By participating in the summer study abroad programs, you will enroll in the Price College summer courses and receive letter grades just as you would here in Norman. In other words, unlike some study abroad programs, you will not have to be concerned about transferring credits and worry whether your classes count towards your business degree.

Yes, you can used banked hours towards your study abroad courses. For more information about banked hours visit the Bursars Office, or refer to this website (

No, course tuition and fees are not included in the program cost. For an accurate calculation of tuition cost, we suggest student's meet with someone in the OU Bursar's office. (

For other questions or more details on the questions listed above, please contact Annaly Beck, Director of Study Abroad and Scholarships at