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2024 Program Costs

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Program Cost

Studying abroad can be one of the most amazing and fulfilling experiences a student can have in college. Many students, however, worry that studying abroad is something that can never afford and, as such, they miss out on opportunities to study abroad. Before you decide what works for you learn as much as you can about programs, costs, and scholarships.

How much does it cost to study abroad?

To make study abroad an integral part of your education, the Price College of Business strives to keep the program cost as low as possible. Nevertheless, many factors influence the cost of your study abroad experience. Some of these critical factors are: 1) program length (e.g., two weeks vs. four weeks vs. semester programs), 2) location of the program, 3) whether or not meals are included, 4) number of cultural trips and activities, etc. While there are small differences between programs regarding the expenses that are covered in each program, the program cost includes:

  • Housing
  • Some meals while abroad
  • Program organized cultural and business trips (e.g., transportation, museum entry fees, hotel).

In addition to the program cost, the student also must pay OU tuition and fees, roundtrip airfare to the country of destination, miscellaneous personal expenses, course materials.

To gain a better understanding regarding the costs that are not included in the program cost, here is a detailed description:

  • OU Tuition and Fees – The tuition and fees for the courses you take while abroad is the same as you would pay if you took the class(es) in Norman. Tuition and fees will be charged to your OU bursar's account. If you qualify, financial aid may be available. If a student has banked hours, they can use them for their study abroad classes.
  • Airfare to and from the country of destination – $1,500-2,000. This amount varies and the actual price can be more or less depending on the carrier and timing of ticket purchase. Transportation must be arranged by the student. Late arrival or early departure is not permitted due to the nature of the study abroad program. Please do not buy the airline ticket prior to being accepted in the program.
  • Textbooks and other class materials
  • OU Study Abroad fee - $50. A one-time fee of $50 is charged by the University of Oklahoma Education Abroad Office. This fee is a requirement for all OU students taking classes overseas regardless of the college, duration of study, or location. This fee will be charged to your OU bursar's account at the same time as the health insurance policy price.
  • Spending money –  (extra meals, gifts, personal travel before or after the program, etc.). This amount is highly variable depending on your spending habits.


How can I reduce the cost of studying abroad?

Luckily, there are several different ways to make your study abroad experience more affordable.

Plan your study abroad experience For example, if you are interested in a summer study abroad program where you are required to enroll in 6 credit hours, full-time undergraduate students who are charged the flat rate and take fewer than 15 hours per semester may be able to bank hours to use in the summer. The hours a student has banked will automatically be used to reduce summer charges for tuition and mandatory hourly fees. For more information please visit the Flat-Rate tuition website at:

Here is an example: if the student “banks” 3 credit hours in the fall semester and 3 credit hours in the spring semester, he/she will be able to attend a summer study abroad program where the tuition and fees for the 6 credit hours will be offset with the “banked” credit-hours.

Familiarize yourself with all the scholarship opportunities available for study abroad There are several college and universities study abroad scholarships; however, you need to apply to be considered for these scholarships.  The Centralized Academic Scholarship Hub (CASH) application does not qualify you for the PITF of the PCB Study Abroad scholarships. You will need to fill out a separate application for each Click here for additional information. Also note that you may be eligible for other scholarships designed to support study abroad. For a complete listing check out University of Oklahoma Education Abroad Scholarship Portal:   

Apply for Financial Aid Students who receive an aid package from financial aid services from federal and state sources may be eligible to apply for funds toward a study abroad program. Support from financial aid varies based on several factors such as remaining aid eligibility, program costs, length of stay and type of program. The Financial Aid Services office determines which study abroad programs are approved for financial aid.

Do not ignore semester study abroad opportunities Some programs can cost almost as much or less that a semester on OU’s campus.