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Study Abroad

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Study Abroad

The Price College of Business offers amazing opportunities for Price students to study abroad at various destinations across the globe!  With many interests in mind, we have 2-week and 4-week programs and the courses that are offered abroad are all required, elective courses which allows students to apply these to their majors.  There are also scholarship opportunities to assist with the costs of studying abroad.  We want students to take advantage of these experiences so please let us know if you have any questions by contacting us at

Why Study Abroad?

Our goal is to create opportunities for all Price College of Business students to participate in a study abroad experience. We believe that all business students, regardless of their major, will greatly benefit, both personally and professionally, from experiencing different cultural and economic environments, interacting with foreign students and faculty, and observing, first hand, global business operations with OU faculty guiding the way.

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Explore the world while you are still enrolled at OU! Enroll in one of the affordable faculty-led programs offered by Price College of Business. Tour local companies, take trips to other cities and areas of the country, and be introduced to local food and cultural traditions. Now is the time! Don’t miss and opportunity of a lifetime!

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Price College and the University offer study abroad specific scholarships. In 2018, Price College of Business supported 100% of students who applied for Price College study abroad scholarships and attended their abroad program. Scholarships Page

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Application deadlines vary depending on the program. If you have questions about application deadlines, please contac the Price College Study Abroad office. Application Deadlines/Information

Student posing for a photo in front of the Eifel Tower while in Paris France

Want to study abroad, but not sure where to start? Contact the Price College Study Abroad office, and we can help with any questions, or help point you in the right direction. Contact