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Mentoring Program

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Boeing Diversity Mentorship Program


The Office of Diversity and Inclusion at the Michael F. Price College of Business fulfills the Purpose of Price through the promotion of an inclusive learning community where genuine appreciation is given to diversity of its people, programs, and ideas. Our vision is to build relationships, provide support and resources to underrepresented minorities.

The Diversity & Inclusion Mentorship Program will be an 8-week program where focus is given on different professional and social development topics. In addition, this program will allow Price College students to achieve 5 milestone points that will go towards their Price Passport to Success which is required to graduate. The following topics will be covered during the Diversity & Inclusion Mentorship Program:

Book Reading

Mentee along with Mentor will do a book study on Leadership or Diversity & Inclusion, the mentee and mentor will discuss the book during each meeting, and offer thoughts on how book principles can be applied to the business environment.

Work Place Skillset

Mentor will explore with mentee the dynamics of workplace skills, how to enhance skills and best practices to use workplace skills.

Dining Etiquette

Mentor will show mentee how to conduct themselves at corporate luncheons and corporate dinner functions

Dress for Success

Mentor will show mentee the proper way to dress for various corporate occasions such as corporate dinner, corporate meetings, meetings with vendors, or corporate events.

Office Politics

Mentor will teach mentee how to navigate the different office situations that arise when working in a corporate setting.

Proper Conversation

Mentor will explore ways to handle difficult conversations with co-workers, vendors, and executive management.


Mentor will help mentee with resume building and resume critique, showing the different ways to present resume from different industries.

Mentor will help prepare student for different types of interviews.

Cultural Sensitivity

Mentor will discuss different diversity and inclusion practices in the global business environment.