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Spring 2022 New Course Offerings

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Spring 2022 New Course Offerings

Finance Students,

As you enroll for next fall, you will see a rich selection of new FIN offerings!  This is a testament to the division’s continued growth in quality and quantity of students and faculty.  The six courses below all have the same course number, but they are not the same course!  FIN 4970 is simply the course number we often use for new offerings.  

If you attempt to enroll in more than one of the following, the system will think you are enrolling in multiple sections of the same course.  Since this is obviously not the case, simply ask your advisor for an override to enroll in more than one of the following courses.  Additionally, please note that sections 001, 004, 005 and 006 all have prerequisite requirements beyond FIN 2303.  Email the instructor to request permission to enroll in one of these courses.  Please include your student ID number in the email.

The application of quantitative real estate financial concepts using Excel and ARGUS Enterprise (“AE”) asset and portfolio management software. Students will apply concepts from pre- and co-requisite courses to evaluate investments in multifamily, hotel, office, retail, and industrial real estate. Approximate weighting of content is 20% financial concepts, 60% Excel, 20% AE.

Prerequisite – FIN 2303 Business Finance and FIN 4013 Real Estate Finance (prerequisites) plus FIN 4970.006 Real Estate Investments  (co-requisite)

Instructor – Henry Hooper III (

The course will provide students with the fundamentals of the general retirement process in the United States.  The class will discuss legal and financial topics involving both private and public sources of retirement income.  Retirement needs and the advantages and disadvantages of various retirement plans will be explored.  Finally, the course will prepare interested students for retirement planning topics that may be tested on the CFP exam.  

Prerequisite – FIN 2303 Business Finance   

The course will provide students with the fundamentals of the general estate process in the United States.  Furthermore, the class will explore the limitations of the financial planner in the estate process.  Much of the course will involve legal principles, and will therefore be extremely technical, or “picky”.  In the law, details matter.  Finally, the course will prepare students for estate planning topics that may be tested on the CFP exam.  Estate Planning is one part of the financial planning process, and is therefore, one part of the CFP examination.  Although this class will focus on the Estate Planning process, the CFP examination will ask questions combining all elements of financial planning.  For this reason, students planning to take the CFP examination may want to begin considering how topics from the different classes may relate to each other.

Prerequisite – FIN 2303 Business Finance

The objective of the course is to develop an understanding of mergers and acquisitions, as well as other corporate restructuring transactions, from the perspective of the corporate executive. Over the term, we will discuss all major elements of the acquisition process including the strategic reasons deals are pursued, the legal environment surrounding an acquisition, the valuation of the firms involved, financing decisions, trans-action structures, restructuring options, takeover defenses, and post-acquisition integration. Specific goals of the class include:

  1. Obtaining a deep understanding of key issues in mergers and acquisitions,
  2. Quantifying synergies and computing a valuation range for a target company,
  3. Describing the implications of different payment method choices and deal structures,
  4. Recognizing the key principles of successful negotiations,
  5. Be able to identify, structure, and pitch an M&A transaction to a potential acquirer,
  6. Be capable of working with a team to manage a large workload in a short period of time,
  7. Learning to present and defend an investment pitch to a large group.

Prerequisites - FIN 2303 Business Finance and FIN 3453 Financial Data Modeling (prerequisite) and FIN 3603 Advanced Corporate Finance (prerequisite or co-requisite)

Instructor – Jason Turkiela (

The objective of this course is to present an introduction to financial technologies (FinTech) and outline how these technologies have disrupted traditional financial markets and institutions. Topics covered include the structure and functionality of blockchain technology and applications, cryptocurrencies and their role as financial assets, decentralized finance (DeFi) on blockchains, innovative credit-scoring and lending technologies, the evolution of crowdfunding and online banking, and the impact of FinTech on investing and investment advising.

This course helps you:

  1. become familiar with a wide variety of technologies relevant to financial systems; 
  2. understand the impact (both realized and potential) of these technologies to financial systems; 
  3. appreciate the financial applications of data-science; and 
  4. develop important skills needed to succeed as a professional.

Prerequisites – FIN 2303 Business Finance and FIN 3503 Investments

Instructor – Peter Mueller (

The class will introduce students to real estate investments and the evaluation of real estate investment opportunities.  The class will cover the fundamentals of real estate cash flows, the analysis of various lease terms on the cash flows, the integration of real estate financing into the investment decision, and the evaluation of factors influencing the real estate investment decision. 

Prerequisites – FIN 2303 Business Finance (prerequisite) and FIN 4013 Real Estate Finance (prerequisite or co-requisite)

Instructor – Christopher Cain (